It may take two minutes to reconnect the system the second time after the humming is detected. The first time, when you figure out the problem, it may take two hours.

It takes up to a few days to type a book. It can take years to figure out what to type.

We either add value by using our time to do something we have done before… or we contribute by finding a way to do something new or create a better path forward.

If you are just “typing,” your work may still be important, but you are not reaching your potential. You will not earn so much in respect, compensation, or satisfaction.

On the other hand, if you have already registered for the pathfinding service, please forgive yourself if it takes a little (or a lot) longer. Because if we knew the correct answer, we would have found it long ago. This is the hardest part.

When you just repeat something you discovered not long ago, you may get a pathfinding premium, but it is difficult to maintain. You may find someone to solve the problem you are interested in quickly and cheaply, but this is unlikely.

Really know what we are buying (and selling), open the door and let you seriously consider whether you are here to solve an interesting problem.

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