It’s been a year and a half since the last big show Auto show: Chicago 2020. About a month later, the world was almost closed. But now, with the widespread use of vaccines and the subsequent decline in infection rates, the auto show is starting where they all ended: Chicago.So what’s it like to go back to the shiny big party New car? Well, this one is strange, for various reasons.

News editor Joel Stocksdale and Road Test editor Zac Palmer shared the scene.

Hey you, under the forklift

Joel Stokesdale: We know that when we enter this show, things will not be the same as before. Although not the reason you might think. For example, there is no need to wear masks, as usual there are large tables for reporters to open shops, and people can communicate freely. But the first letter we received mentioned something strange: the dress code was relaxed to “casual”. It turned out that it was because the air conditioner in the main hall was not running. I’m pretty sure they don’t want deformed auto reporters (myself included) to pass out on the monitor. Although the weather is not hot, it is the humidity level of Florida. So if we look sluggish in the video, please keep this in mind.

We are not ready for construction. Usually the auto show exhibits are completed on the media preview day, but this time it is not. When we stood by to listen to the press conference, forklifts roared past, power tools buzzed as the monitor raised, and the car was still being pushed in.The first meeting of the day is jeep, And only one car can enter. After the meeting, about five more were added. It’s actually neat to think of the show as work in progress-how the carpet is wrapped in plastic when the car comes in, and then the wrap is removed to keep it clean; see how quickly things can come together. But noise is a challenge for listening to speakers and recording videos. We can’t imagine that people in the architecture world will appreciate a bunch of clumsy writers wandering around. Oh, and what adds to the noise is the regular activation of car alarms, which caused some poor staff to dig out boxes or bags with 20 keychains in an attempt to find the right key.

Another strange thing is that most auto shows let reporters wander around unintentionally, taking photos and videos, talking with representatives, and getting acquainted with the car. This shouldn’t happen this time. All the people in the press were taken from one booth to another by a group of people. We suspect that this is to prevent us from obstructing construction and may reduce the chance of harm lawsuits.Zac and I were accosted by looking forward a little bit Nissan. But as time passed, it became clear that the staff would not or could not continue to herd the cats.

Of course, this is a small, short and concise program. (Public days are July 15-19, tomorrow to Monday.) Many automakers did not attend, including modern, Mazda, Benz, Genesis, dodge, Chrysler, Cadillac, There may be others I forgot.This is also a single news day, starting at 9:30 am, almost at 2 pm Some press conferences are basically a single representative speaking from a note about the model, without all the wild lights, smoke and projection screens that we are used to in the show. In addition, most car manufacturers have nothing new to reveal.

On the other hand, it’s exciting to get close to models that we didn’t have the chance to see during the pandemic.This that EV6, Nissan Ariya, Nissan Z Proto, Nissan Frontier, BMW iX, Ford Mavericks with Ford F-150 Lightning is present. As we add more videos, you will learn more about them.

Although very strange, I am happy to return to the exhibition, meet friends, and finally get in touch with the latest and greatest cars again. We hope that the next few performances-New York, Detroit and Los Angeles-will be closer to what we remember. Or at least they have air conditioning.

Cars from Ariya to Z

Zach Palmer: Boy, will you come back? Joel described the feeling of the floor very well-I only had one semi-close contact with the crane operator, so I will give you some quick responses to our purpose of coming here: cars.

The Nissan booth may be the coolest in the show. I don’t usually say this, but Chicago hosted three new Nissan cars that we’ve only seen on the Internet: Z prototype, Targeted with border. Z Proto is my protagonist.It’s on the opposite side Toyota’s Supra At the exhibition site, although Same as above It still looks great, and seeing Z Proto in person is a touching experience. I guarantee that the grille looks better.

Nissan’s Ariya impressed me in different ways. The interior is pleasantly surprised, with its touch and tactile controls integrated into the wood trim, and it uses attractive texture lighting.

and border I look better in person-I am very happy to be able to drive that pickup soon.

Another important presence at the exhibition is Kia EV6. It is fashionable and different in all the right ways. Similar to Ariya, I was surprised by the futuristic and interesting interior design. Non-luxury car manufacturers began to be creative in lighting, and even luxury car manufacturers did not. EV6 is a shining example.

I see a lot The Toyota car Joel saw in Texas not long ago. This GR 86 Did not leave any lasting impression of the design-it looks good and will be great to drive.Toyota’s Radioactive Tacoma TRD Pro color It was a big victory.and Lift Sienna Woodland It is an interesting sight. However, it needs some thicker tires and plastic cladding to complete the transaction.

We will be negligent, let alone 2022 Jeep Compass Among all this, too. This was the only major “disclosure” that day. But this means that we have seen the euro model before today. In any case, the interior of this little Jeep is a big update, and it looks great.

If you have done this, you may be curious (or may not) be curious about the content of all our reporters. pizza. Pizza is the answer. I ate Chicago-style breakfast pizza (beautified quiche) for breakfast and more Chicago-style pizza for lunch, who knows. I might only eat pizza for dinner. While in Chicago.


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