The television model of the 1960s was the three major networks supported by mass advertising. Therefore, the programs produced are mediocre, reassuring, and the production costs are quite low. The purpose is just to prevent people from watching the other two channels.

The business model of the Netflix era is fundamentally different, with multiple streaming media channels competing to gain market share among wealthy consumers who choose too much. Therefore, the same is true for the content being produced.

It’s not that the TV that people want to watch suddenly changes—it’s that the economic model that provides it has changed.

The business model of news has changed, and so has news. It is not what is happening in the world, but the way the Internet reports it.

The business model of all the lifestyles (health, gossip, etc.) we have seen has also changed. that’s all……

For many people, the biggest change is that the business model of social networks has replaced simple community activities.


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