More than a year after the covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have been look for a job In the U.S. Artificial intelligence-driven interview software claims to help employers screen applications to find the most suitable candidates for the job.Reports from companies specializing in this technology Business is booming During the epidemic.

But as the demand for these technologies increases, Questions about its accuracy and reliability. In the latest episode of the MIT Technology Review podcast “In the machine we trust,” We tested the software of two companies specializing in AI interviews, My interview with Curious stuffWe found that changes in predictions and job matching scores raise concerns about what these algorithms are evaluating.

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MyInterview measures the characteristics considered in the Big Five personality test, a psychological assessment often used in the recruitment process. These characteristics include openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, pleasantness and emotional stability. Curious Thing also measures personality-related characteristics, but instead of evaluating candidates based on the Big Five, it evaluates candidates based on other indicators, such as humility and resilience.

This screenshot shows our candidate’s matching score and personality analysis on MyInterview after answering all the interview questions in German instead of English.

Hilk Sherman

The algorithm analyzes the candidate’s reaction to determine personality characteristics. MyInterview also compiles scores to indicate how closely the candidate matches the characteristics determined by the hiring manager for the position.

To complete our test, we first set up the software. We uploaded false recruitment information for office administrators/researchers on MyInterview and Curious Thing. Then, when prompted by the system, we construct our ideal candidate by choosing characteristics related to personality.

On MyInterview, we selected features such as attention to details and ranked them by importance. We also selected interview questions, which will be displayed on the screen when candidates record video answers. On Curious Thing, we chose the characteristics of humility, adaptability and resilience.

Hilke, one of us, then applied for this position and completed interviews for the roles of MyInterview and Curious Thing.

Our candidate completed the phone interview with Curious Thing. She first conducted regular job interviews and received 8.5 points (out of 9 points) in English proficiency. In the second attempt, the automated interviewer asked the same questions, and she answered each question by reading the German psychometric entry on Wikipedia.

However, Curious Thing gave her English proficiency 6 points (out of 9 points). She completed the interview again and got the same score.

The screenshot of the software dashboard shows an English proficiency score of 6/9.
The screenshot shows our candidate’s English proficiency score in Curious Thing’s software after answering all the questions in German.

Hilk Sherman

Our candidate turned to MyInterview and repeated the experiment. She read the same Wikipedia entry aloud in German. The algorithm not only returned a personality assessment, but also predicted that our candidate’s match rate with the fake job was 73%, making her one of the best among all applicants we asked for.


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