Need some ideas for dinner this week? Check out what I use this to feed my family Free weekly real food dinner plan with 5 dinners, sides and treats.

Why meal planning?

Not only does meal planning save you time and money, but I learned it quickly The key to cutting back on processed foods is planning ahead! If you at least don’t know what your next meal will be, chances are you’ll end up starving and driving through in desperation.

Meal Plan Benefits:

  • save time – Look at you, so organized! When you have a plan, you can go to the grocery store only once a week and always have the answer to “what’s for dinner.”
  • relieve pressure – With planned recipes and ingredients on hand, there are fewer surprises, and you might get some help in the kitchen.
  • eat better – When you take the time to plan ahead, it’s easier to enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy meals and discover some new favorites along the way.
  • save money – Buy only what you need and reduce food waste.

Meal Planning Resources

I won’t lie, planning our meals was a chore for me, although I enjoyed the results no Look forward to it every week. So, to make it easier for you (and myself, ha!), I worked hard to create these resources:

  • Meal planning guides and easy recipes in three of my best-selling books real food recipes.
  • My Complete Meal Planning System Meal Planner Workbook (I use my personal copy every week!) Plus 52 weeks of blank templates.
  • I’ve partnered with Real Plans to create customizable meal plans for you each week from my 400+ real recipes (+ 1,000+ others) based on your family’s preferences, all in one handy app, Comes with a shopping list.
  • Free weekly dinner plan as shown below (Fill out the form and I’ll send them to your inbox every week).

This week’s free dinner plan

Every Friday I share a dinner plan, pictured below, that includes 5 dinners, side dish suggestions, and a treat. Just click the link and print each recipe and you’re off to a great start this week!

Feel free to share this dinner plan (and recipe) with friends and family using the share buttons at the top/bottom of each post, and subscribe using the form above to keep the plans coming.

Day 1: Greek Chicken with Lemon Sauce

Greek Chicken Lemonade in a Roasting Pan.

Day 2: Easy Taco Pie

Portion of homemade easy taco pie on a white plate.

Day 3: Potato Broccoli Frittata

Potato and Broccoli Frittata in a Cast Iron Skillet.

Day 4: Best pork in a crock pot

Homemade pulled pork on a plate with coleslaw on one side on a red and white napkin.

Side dishes: Southern Potato Salad (without mayo)

Southern Potato Salad in a white bowl on a red and white napkin.

Day 5: Super quick and easy fried rice

Homemade fried rice in a pot made on the stove.

treat: No-Bake Peanut Butter Dessert Bars

A huge stack of no-bake peanut butter dessert bars stacked on a teal platter.

I hope you enjoy your dinner plans and come back next week for more!

Meal plans made just for you…

Do you love leftovers? hate them? Have certain foods that certain people won’t eat, or have food allergies or sensitivities?

We are all different, which can make meal planning a real challenge. That’s why I partner with Real Plans to provide weekly meal plan for you– based on your answers to some simple questions.

Be prepared to feel organized and good about the food you serve to your family, When they do all the hard work figuring out what to do and what to buy.

— Lisa Lick, #1 New York Times bestselling author 100 days of real food