Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of permanent makeup. Many people in my circle of friends wear permanent makeup.From microblade (A technique for tattooing eyebrows), Permanent eyeliner, tattoo freckles, and even lip color pigmentation, these permanent makeup procedures are indeed attractive to many women, especially in terms of saving time.

Think about how much time you spent make up every day? Even if you only spend 15 minutes, it will add more than 90 hours a year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra time at your disposal?

Or maybe you sometimes wish there was a way to make you always look like you are wearing a basic style and you can walk out the door or sleep in it. Well, now you can use permanent makeup.

Set makeup Is a beauty technique that uses tattoos to produce designs that resemble makeup. Although it is called permanent, I call it semi-permanent because it usually lasts between one and five years. You can choose to update your care or restore the traditional makeup that you think fits.

Understandably, you may feel ambivalent about the idea of ​​receiving permanent makeup treatment, and if you don’t like the finished look, you may even feel scared because it is not like you can wipe it off. Therefore, to help you make up your mind on treatment, here are the main pros and cons of permanent makeup.

Barbies Beauty Bits permanent makeup

Advantages of permanent makeup

  • save time: I think this is the most important thing, especially for older women, busy professional women, and even new mothers. help:
    • Knowing that I put on makeup and feel confident
    • Help save you time using other makeup apps
    • Reduce time in front of the mirror
    • Or, if you want to go out of the house with a basic style, you can easily make up without having to draw eyeliner, eyebrows or lipstick.
  • Elasticity: The worst part of makeup is that it smears and smudges.We have all experienced terrible Raccoon’s eyes Or forget to remove your makeup at night and wake up with pillows full. But in any case, permanent makeup is always perfect.
  • custom made: There is no one size fits all for permanent makeup, your care will be tailored to your unique style and preferences.
Disadvantages of Barbies Beauty Bits permanent makeup

Disadvantages of permanent makeup

  • It is permanent: There are a few questions here.
    • Semi-permanent error on your face: The appearance may not be what you want. There will be mistakes in everything. This is your face, not something you can cover up in the event of an accident.
    • Like a variety: If you like to blend your makeup, then permanent makeup may not be for you. Once you apply, it will be used there for several years, so you need to make sure you like it.
    • Can’t change with the trend: If you are a fashionable person, this is not for you. Personally, I think it’s a good idea not to make your appearance too weird or choose a fashion style that will one day become obsolete.
  • Security Question: Permanent makeup is not a dangerous process, but like many cosmetic treatments, there are some risks and possible side effects. All tattoos carry a slight risk of infection or allergic reactions, but most people have no problems.Most beauticians will ask you to sign a copy Permanent makeup consent just in case. You can also ask them to do a test point. They usually make an inconspicuous mark on your arm to see if it causes any skin conditions, such as rash, hives, etc.
  • It can fade unevenly: Remember, this is a semi-permanent beauty tattoo, and like all tattoos, it will fade over time. I know that some people experience strange uneven fading when tattooing their lips. And tattoo blush, stay away from it, because it looks scary when it fades.
  • cost: Permanent makeup can be an expensive pre-surgery, but when you consider all the time and money spent on makeup, it may be worth it in the long run.

So you have some “The pros and cons of permanent makeup.” I really want to know your experience with permanent makeup, please let me know below!


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