Pennsylvania State University and Wisconsin State started their seasons at different ends last year.

The Nittany Lions started 0-5, which was the worst start in their planned history, while the Badgers started 2-0 and beat their opponents 94-18, then cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the next two games.

James Franklin’s team won the rest of the game, while Paul Crist’s team won 2-3, but won the Duke Mayo Bowl against Wake Forest.

Nevertheless, even though these two projects have experienced several years of decline, they entered the 2022 season and ranked in the top 20, with Pennsylvania State University in 19th and Wisconsin in 12th, because the two sides were in the top 20 on Saturday. The top ten leagues opened their season pairings with each other.

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Penn State’s offense will be led by quarterback Sean Clifford, who, like his team, did not perform so well a season ago. However, Franklin brought in Mike Yusic to manage the offense of the Nittany Lions as a means of trial and remedy. The experienced offensive coordinator has a good track record in training quarterbacks. Astoria, Sam Elinger played an indispensable role in the growth and success of the 2022 first-round rookie Justin Fields. Franklin hopes that his friend who coaches the Division II will have a similar impact on his offense and quarterback.

It is speculated that the Badgers will attack via signal caller Graham Mertz, who was one of several players in Wisconsin who tested positive for the coronavirus last season, which caused him and his plan to be absent. A few games. Wisconsin is also competing for its fourth place in the Big Ten Championship under Crist. He led the Badgers to the top ten at the end of the season twice in six years and achieved a 56-19 record during Madison. .

Here are all the details needed on how to watch this top 20 matchup.

What channel is Penn State vs. Wisconsin?

  • TV channel: Fox
  • stream media: Fox Sports App, Fubo TV

The duel between Nittany Lions and Badgers is part of the first ten and first 20 games of the first week of the college football season. This game is called “Big Noon Saturday” by Fox. There will be calls from the long-term game announcer Gus Johnson, Joel Kratt and Jenny Taft. This is the first Wednesday of the season for the trio. The second game of the day.

Penn State vs. Wisconsin start time

  • date: Saturday, September 4
  • Start: Noon AND

The game will start at noon EST and will be played at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin.

Pennsylvania State University Football Schedule 2022

Week. date. game.
1. September 4th.In Wisconsin
2. September 11th. Against Ball State
3. September 18th.Vs. Auburn
4. September 25.Villanova
5. October 2nd.Against Indiana
6. October 9th.In Iowa
7. October 23.Vs. Illinois
8. October 30.At Ohio State University
9. November 6th.In Maryland
10. November 13th.Vs. michigan
11. November 20.Vs. Rutgers University
12. November 27th.In michigan

Wisconsin 2022 football schedule

Week. date.game
1. September 4th.Vs. Pennsylvania State University
2. September 11th.Vs. East Michigan
3. September 25.Virgin
4. October 2nd.Vs. michigan
5. October 9th.In Illinois
6. October 16th.Against the Army
7. October 23. @普渡
8. October 30.Vs. Iowa
9. November 6th.At Rutgers University
10. November 13th.Against Northwestern University
11. November 20.Vs. Nebraska
12. November 27th.In Minnesota


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