You may have forgotten him, but Hyundai Sonata sold in Europe for several yearsThe problem is that its competition never made it easy and the Korean brand decided to take it off the market.give a More solid and reliable image launched i40But it was too late. SUVs are eating into the market, and this will be one of the worst-hit segments. But there are still some countries that have very loyal audiences.

One of the main bastions of the Hyundai Sonata in terms of sales and commercial image is the EEEU. From there, the brand sent a different signal, geared towards a new generation.Yes, because although the sedan has still significant market share, also showing signs of fatigue.For this reason, the brand’s design team decided to give it a twist your concept Yes These renders could be a clue.

The Hyundai Sonta could get a whole new facelift or a new generation leap, bringing its aesthetics closer to the Ioniq 6…

Kolesa's new Hyundai Sonata side rear rendering

Considering the new direction Hyundai wants to give Update Sonata The following question comes to mind: Do you remember when the current generation debuted?only three years ago, even then Its design is controversialCompared to the previous generation, it has a more risky profile, with a steep drop in the roofline, bringing it closer to a coupe. Result: The public doesn’t recognize him as much as it once did.

Therefore, in recent years Hyundai Sonata sales drop in U.S.. And two data show that the cumulative number of vehicles exceeded 200,000 five years ago, and it has not reached 80,000 in 2021 last year. So the brand’s management leadership decided to give it a new look to improve those numbers. Although some say this is for a redesign, it seems necessary anyway.

Hyundai Sonata N Line Night Edition

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Hyundai Sonata enriches its range with N Line Night Edition edition

Yes These renderings prove plans for the Hyundai SonataFrom the front, the headlights and grille have been significantly changed, bringing it closer to the recent Ioniq 6.The most striking thing about this set is that LED light bar placed on top of large radiator grille As well as two lights located in the corners of the bumper. For its part, the rear is less varied, with finer optics and unified in the center.

For its part, the bumper has also changed. The front is simpler and almost non-existent because the grill replaces it. The new diffuser at the rear is sleeker, although the current model’s dual exhausts remain. no pictures insidebut everything points to It will be more modern and higher qualityAll in all, this aesthetic evolution should officially go live in a few months, although we might have some surprises in store…

Source – Colesa