The report clearly shows that Australia’s environment is in an alarming state, and new threats are getting more and more – summarize the foreign media. A five-year survey of ecosystems has for the first time revealed such extensive and, importantly, sudden changes.

The processes, the researchers emphasize, take place at a rapid pace. The new threats, in turn, are so great that the forecasts for the future are not optimistic. The Minister of the Environment bitterly admits that if the pace of change continues at a similar level, valuable landscapes and species will disappear forever from the face of the earth and future generations will not be able to get to know them.

As the 2,000-page document shows, 19 local ecosystems are on the brink of destruction. There are more non-native species in Australia than those considered indigenous. Australia has lost more species than any other place on Earth. All but one ecosystem has deteriorated compared to the last study. More than half are in a state that scientists describe as “weak”.

The BBC emphasizes that Australia is home to many unprecedented species of plants and animals that are on the verge of extinction. Australia has experienced many natural disasters in recent years – droughts, historic fires or, on the contrary, record-breaking floods.