The college football story of McKenzie Milton (McKenzie Milton) is familiar to many people-this painful story put the quarterback’s career on hold indefinitely, and once seemed to be permanently on hold.

Then, his return to football is a perfect blend of everything that sports fans love: toughness and hard work in the face of incredible adversity, all for a player who is at the peak of the game and whose career seems to be shortened too early NS.

Milton’s last game was on November 23, 2018, when he participated in the UCF season finals against South Florida. This will ultimately be his last game for the Cavaliers. After keeping the ball in the zone to read the option, Milton was overtaken by two Bulls guards who severely injured his leg and knee while stealing him. This play changed Milton’s career forever.

Now at Florida State University, Milton may play the first game since that decisive game in the 2021 season opener against Notre Dame on Sunday. Coach Mike Nowell did not designate a quarterback’s starting player, but Milton is ignored when appearing on the court at any time during the season, despite the traditional medical wisdom.

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Look at Milton’s comeback and what made him go from a record-setting career in Orlando to Tallahassee from scratch.

What is Mackenzie Milton’s injury?

Milton was evaluated on the court. After UCF team doctor Mike Jablonski and sports coach Mary van der Hayden reduced their knees, he was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery to save his right leg.

Dr. Bruce Levy, one of the top U.S. orthopedic surgeons who took over the Milton case, told the media Orlando Sentinel His knees were dislocated, and his thigh bones and calf bones were completely dislocated; this caused a severe interruption of blood flow in his legs. According to Levi, he also tore ligaments and some tendons, resulting in “no nerve function or very little nerve function” in the knee.

A doctor According to reports, Milton told Milton that nearly 50% of patients with similar injuries had to be amputated. The damage is more serious than expected, doctors, Including levy, Not sure if Milton will play again.

“I have browsed all college and NFL databases about previous players with knee dislocated,” Levy told the Sentinel. “And one or two people can restart the game, but no one has been injured because of this particular ligament, blood vessel and nerve damage.

“I said,’Listen, my short-term goal is to complete the operation tomorrow, and your leg is still there, because if we injure the artery again, you may still end up amputation. So the goal number. One is to do the operation safely, so You can keep your legs. The second goal is to give you a body that you can walk on. It is stable and painless. Anything above is unknown and is in the hands of God.”

Milton’s recovery schedule

Six weeks after the initial leg surgery, Milton faced several operations performed by Levy and his team to repair the knee. From the sentinel:

Levy arranged three surgical teams: one to deal with blood vessels, one to repair ligaments, and then one team to rebuild Milton, including repairing nerve damage.

For more than seven hours, Levy and his surgical team worked tirelessly on Milton’s right knee.

The surgeon made a vein graft to create a new artery, using a vein from the other side to provide blood to the leg. Then the surgical team was able to rebuild the ligaments around the knee joint, and finally Levy had to rebuild the knee. “

The Sentinel reported that Levy also had a radiology team present during the operation, often performing ultrasound examinations on the legs to ensure that the leg arteries were not clotting. After that, Milton recovered for five months, relying on a wheelchair and later crutches.

In July 2019, he was frustrated due to infection and needed another operation and Extend his recovery time An additional six months.

Milton was finally able Return to the game in October 2020; He was included in the UCF list, but did not participate in the competition. Instead, he was responsible for the offense of the reconnaissance team. However, it is clear that he can play again, even if he cannot regain his place from the starter Dillon Gabriel.

Why Milton moved to Florida

Once Milton is finally qualified to play again, he can choose to continue playing in UCF, choose another five-a-side school, or bet on himself and hope that his prolific offensive data in UCF is enough to attract a Power 5 show . He chose the latter, betting on himself, and showing respect and respect for Gabriel, who is one of Milton’s best friends.

He announced the transfer decision on December 3, 2020, and said in a video posted to Twitter that this team belongs to Gabriel. He added that he didn’t want to undermine any momentum he or UCF might have at that time of the season.

At the same time, Nowell-in his first year as a Seminole coach-called Milton to persuade him to transfer to Florida State University as a graduate. His team has problems with the quarterback, and Nowell, who has coached Milton several times in Memphis, knows what he can bring to this position.

Only 10 days after Milton decided to transfer, he Announced his destination: ACC Power and Companion of the Sunshine State Program Florida.he Explained why his decision ESPN:

“Look at Florida, garnet and gold, it speaks for itself,” Milton told ESPN. “The people who passed there, Deion Sanders, Charlie Ward, Jameis Winston’s notoriety speak for themselves. I am very grateful for this opportunity. This is something I don’t take for granted, especially what I have done in the past two years. This is a very special one. I think we can reverse the situation in the near future.”

Mackenzie Milton comeback timeline

November 23, 2018— In the third and seventh games of UCF against USF, the state enemy, Milton kept the ball in the zone reading and injured his leg. Later, he was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.

In late November and early December in 2018—— Milton was discharged from the hospital and watched UCF play against Memphis in the US Athletics Championships. The Cavaliers won 56-41 and extended their winning streak to 25 games.

January 2019— Milton underwent reconstruction surgery on his knee.

July 2019— Milton’s knee was infected and required additional surgery, which delayed his recovery by another six months.

October 2020— Milton took over the role of the UCF scout team.

December 3, 2020— Milton announced his intention to transfer from UCF.

December 13, 2020— Milton announced that he would stay in the state and bring his talents to Florida.

July 1, 2021— The NCAA approves compensation for the name, image and likeness of student athletes, Milton teamed up with Miami quarterback D’Eric King Founded a company called Dreamfield to help other athletes take advantage of the market through meetings and greetings, autographs, and other activities.

September 5, 2021— Florida State University will face the University of Notre Dame in the 2021 season opener.


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