In the next three days, fans of baseball prospects will be in heaven.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, more than 600 amateur baseball players will be selected by each team. 2021 Major League Baseball Draft, Starting from the first round and the first competitive balance selection.

This will be different from previous years, when the draft was held in early June, around the middle of the NCAA Baseball Championship. This year, it started the day before the All-Star Game, on the same day as the home run derby and the All-Star Game.

Below is a breakdown of how to watch all 20 rounds of the 2021 MLB Draft.

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What is the MLB Draft Channel today?

The draft will last three days. The first day will be the first round and the competitive balance round A, the second day will be the 2-10 rounds, and the third day will end the last 10 rounds of the draft. ESPN and MLB Network will report on the first day, while the rest of the draft can be streamed for free on MLB.com.

first day

The first round of the MLB draft will be televised on ESPN and MLB networks. This will also include the Reds signing Trevor Ball for the Dodgers in the 30th place as a compensatory draft and competitive balance round A, which includes draft picks 31-36.

You can also choose to broadcast live on any channel ESPN+ Or in fuboTV provides a 7-day free trialThe report began at 7:07 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.

Day 2

The second day of the draft will include the second to the 10th round of the draft, including the competitive balance round B between the second and third rounds, and the Astros between the fourth and fifth rounds. The team’s compensation draft.

The only option to view this part of the draft is to start streaming on MLB.com starting at 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday.

3rd day

The third and final day of the draft will end in the 11th to 20th rounds of the draft.

Beginning at noon on Tuesday, US Eastern Time, coverage of the final draft pick will be exclusively reported on MLB.com.

What time does the Major League Baseball draft start today?

The MLB draft will resume coverage at different times of the day, starting at 7:07 pm on Sunday, 1 pm on Monday, and noon on Tuesday.

Only the first round and the competitive balance round A will be shown on TV, and both ESPN and MLB networks provide the option to view the earliest round of the draft. The rest of the draft can only be viewed on MLB.com.

round date Time (ET) View
1/Comp balance A Sunday, July 11 7:07 p.m. ESPN/MLB network
2-10/Comp Balance B Monday, July 12 1 pm Major League Baseball
11-20 Tuesday, July 13 noon Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball 2021 Draft

Sunday, July 11

Pick team
1 pirate
2 Rangers
3 Tigers
4 Red Sox
5 Orioles
6 Rattlesnake
7 Royals
8 the Rocky Mountains
9 angel
10 metropolis
11 national
12 sailor
13 Phillies
14 Giants
15 Brewer
16 Marlin
17 Celebrities
18 Cardinals
19 Bluebird
20 Yankees
twenty one Cub
twenty two White Sox
twenty three Indian
twenty four Brave
25 sports
26 twin
27 Fathers
28 Rays
29 Dodgers

Compensation options

Competitive balance round A

Pick team
31 Marlin
32 Tigers
33 Brewer
34 Rays
35 Celebrities
36 twin


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