Dark did not come back.

The Cowboys do not have quarterback Dak Prescott. Entering the second episode of this year’s “Hard Knocks”, we may have a deeper understanding of what happened to the passer.

The first episode of the behind-the-scenes footage of the Dallas Cowboys training camp this year was actually very enlightening: Dark Prescott had a one-on-one exchange with the crew and reflected on his ankle injury; Mike McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) McCarthy has made (albeit clumsy) observations of “Mojo Moments” in practice; Jerry Jones poured salt on Magdalene.

Now, after the start of the strong series in episode 2, Dallas will have to strengthen their game, and Prescott’s shoulder/back/latitude dorsi injury is likely to be at the forefront of this week’s episodes- If the curtains peeled from the first week are any signs.

Here is what you need to know about this week’s show:

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What time does Hard Knocks air tonight?

  • date: Tuesday, August 17
  • time: 10 p.m. EDT
  • TV channel: HBO

The second episode of the 2022 “Hard Knocks” series will be aired on HBO on Tuesday, August 17th at 10 PM Eastern Time.

The five-episode training camp series airs every Tuesday night until the Cowboys’ regular season against the Buccaneers on Thursday, September 9.

How to watch episode 2 of the live broadcast on HBO

  • TV channel: HBO
  • live: HBO max

Cable subscribers can watch “Hard Knocks” on HBO through a traditional cable subscription. At the same time, the wire cutter must subscribe to HBO Max to watch the show and watch the cowboy training camp up close.

2022 standard fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

‘Hard Knocks’ Preview: Season 16

The Cowboys ended a disappointing 6-10 season. They ranked third in the NFC East, the weakest NFL division last year. Entering 2022, people have high hopes for the return of Prescott’s ankle injury, who only participated in 5 games last year.

Prescott’s comeback may be one of the biggest “punch” storylines: he is still dealing with a shoulder injury, so his recovery may also play a role in this regard.

In addition, the coaching staff will get enough attention. Mike McCarthy has just served as the Cowboys coach for his second season, but after not going as planned last year, his seat is very popular. The team’s newly hired defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will serve as forward and center because he hopes to reverse the worst Dallas defense in the NFL last season.

First-round rookie Micah Parsons will be one of the players to watch, as will his other linebackers. There are a lot of big-name players in that room, including Jaylen Smith and Leighton van der Esch, who may participate in future trades in Dallas or elsewhere.

Of course, there will be some hidden gems in this series, because the producer of “Hard Knocks” often finds a brave underdog to pay attention. After there was no preseason game last year, fans will also participate in four preseason games. Dallas is one of two teams suitable for four preseason games. They have already played against the Steelers in the Hall of Fame game.

The following is the first Hard Knocks trailer that HBO posted on its YouTube channel.

‘Hard Knocks’ schedule: When will episode 2 air?

This year’s “Hard Knocks” series will have five one-hour episodes, released every Tuesday. The show will bring viewers into the Cowboys training camp, and will highlight Prescott’s recovery from injury and McCarthy’s efforts to build Dallas into a playoff team after the tough first season in 2020.

The next episode will be broadcast on Tuesday, August 17.

episode Air date channel live
Episode 2 August.17 and 10 a.m. EST HBO HBO max
Episode 3 August.24 a.m., 10 a.m. EST HBO HBO max
Episode 4 August.31 a.m., 10 a.m. Eastern time HBO HBO max
Episode 5 September 7 at 10 p.m. EDT HBO HBO max

Jacob Camenker of SN contributed to this article.

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