Chevrolet Sitting on the sidelines while Ford Ram duel In the field of high-performance desert pickups.This was not always the case: in the early 2000s, muscles truck There was a war on the sidewalk, Chevrolet threw the hat into the Servado ring SS. A very clean example is Currently listed on Cars & Bids.

The hot rod Silverado launched for the 2003 model year is equipped with a 6.0-liter V8 that can produce 345 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, which lives up to the highly regarded SS nameplate. It was bolted to a four-speed automatic transmission and initially rotated four wheels, but later rear-wheel drive was added in the production process to reduce the price of the truck.Remember, this was in the early 2000s, when Ferrari 360 Modena Put 395 horses under your right foot, so 345 is a very impressive number. Suspension modifications are also part of the package.

Impressive is not enough, so this particular SS is equipped with Magna charger Supercharger kit by Dealer The ones sold are new. There is no dynamometer table available, although it is reasonable to assume that the blower has increased horsepower and torque. Stepping out of the engine compartment, modifications to the truck also included 20-inch wheels (also reportedly installed by the dealer) and an updated Pioneer touch screen, which replaced the factory-installed main engine.

In the 2010s, a large number of modifications and careless owners reduced the number of Silverado SS; this is already pretty good. After Arrival Blue was completed, it was an exclusive truck until the sales dealer bought it in early 2022.It only drove approximately 62,400 miles, and was accompanied by a pile of service records detailing transmission overhauls and extensive brake Work, which includes expensive repair Recently executed.

If you want, maybe you can park your car next to you Silverado 454 SS, Go to Cars & Bids and bid.This auction Ends on August 11.If you prefer to drive something more modern, the tuner Yenko is unveiled Supercharged 710 horsepower Silverado Early 2022. It is a factory-supported version, so it is available through participating Chevrolet dealers, but the production limit in 2022 is 50 vehicles.

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