This is not the official start of the college football season, but it is close enough: Week 0 of the 2022 season is coming to an end, bringing another year of storyline.

The usual question remains: “Who will make the college football playoffs? Who will win the Heisman Trophy? Who will win the national championship?” They are still fascinating storylines, and important storylines: but in college football these days After one of the busiest offseasons in history, the biggest storyline of the 2022 season is likely to happen off the court.

At first, it seemed to be The playoffs were reorganized from 4 teams to 12 teams It will be the storyline of this year-with the news that Oklahoma and Texas will join the US Securities and Exchange Commission from the 12 largest companies, they will soon retreat to second place.This may be the first act of another round of large-scale negotiations Meeting adjustment, Which may make it impossible for observers to recognize the pattern of college football in 2022.

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In addition, NCAA provides student athletes with the largest agency and mobility in the history of the organization. This includes the one-time transfer rule, which allows athletes to immediately qualify when they transfer to another school.But the bigger story is the athlete’s ability Profit from their names, images and portraits, Which has created a considerable payday for college football stars.

Oh, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the coronavirus will have less impact on the 2022 season, as several teams have reported significant vaccination rates, but it is too early to say that it will not have any impact on the season at all.

With all the storyline going on, you can almost forget that there is a real football game this year, and the actual results and consequences are based on live action. Everything starts from week 0, and Sporting News is here to make sure you know how to watch every snapshot:

When is the first college football game in 2022?

The first confirmed game involving an FBS team was Nebraska-Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. The game will start on Saturday, August 28th, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. After that, Hawaii and UCLA will start their respective seasons in Pasadena, California. 3:30 PM Eastern Time.

Three other games are also scheduled to start on August 28: UTEP in New Mexico; Fresno State University at the University of California; and Southern Utah in San Jose. The timing of these games has not yet been determined.

Between week 0 and the official start of the college football season on September 4, there will be a total of 25 college football games, but they will still be considered as part of week 1.

How to watch a college football game in week 0

During the unofficial opening weekend of college football, only two games will be broadcast nationwide: Fox will fly to Nebraska from Illinois, although ESPN will broadcast Hawaii at UCLA. Two other games will be aired CBS Sports Network: UConn at Fresno State University And southern Utah in San Jose. Those with active cable subscriptions can stream these games simultaneously on the ESPN app or fuboTV, Provide 7-day free trial.

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2020 College Football Schedule: Week 0

Five college rugby matches are scheduled to be held in week 0 of college rugby. The following is the list of the opening weekend:

Saturday, August 28

game Time (ET) TV channel
Nebraska, Illinois 1 pm Fox, Fubo TV
UConn at Fresno State University 2 pm CBS Sports Network, Fubo TV
UCLA of Hawaii 3:30 pm ESPN, Fubo TV
UTEP in New Mexico 9:30 p.m.
San Jose, Southern Utah 10pm CBS, Fubo TV

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