In Monday’s Clippers’ fifth must-win game against the Suns, Paul George was almost unstoppable, but it was not because of a lack of attempts-especially Jack Lauder.

With 4:17 left in the game, the Phoenix forward poked George in the eye and his team trailed 108-96. A replay of the incident showed that Claude briefly grabbed George’s jersey and then appeared to look into his eyes as he followed his defense and hit him in the face:

Crowder’s hit was evaluated as a blatant 1 point-the Suns lost their challenge during the call-George made two free throws to rewrite the score to 110-96. After 14 seconds, George hit another 20-foot stop jumper, allowing his team to win 116-102 with an insurmountable lead 112-96.

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George Zeng Arguably his best playoff game so far In this victory, in addition to 13 rebounds and 6 assists, he scored 41 points on 15 of 20 shots-and made all 8 free throws.

This did not stop Twitter from taking its own action against Crowder, because many people thought it was a deliberately dirty game:

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