Many celebrities have walked by Little League World Series, But few people are more notorious than Moen Davis in the game.

Back in 2014, when the then 13-year-old Davis played for Philadelphia’s Tannylon team and became a household name, she swung an impressive 70 mph fastball and won the game against Nashville. , Became the first girl to win the game. The minor league World Series game was also the first person to be eliminated when her team won 4-0.

Although the Pennsylvania-based team was eliminated, Davis became an iconic figure, and the name is still synonymous with the Minor League Baseball World Series today.

But since she became a star, what has she been doing? let’s see.

Where is Moen Davis now?

Davis no longer plays baseball, but she switched to a similar sport: softball.

She is no longer on the mound. Davis is currently an infielder for the Hampton University softball team. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, her freshman year in 2020 was shortened, but her start was impressive, with a sharp cut of 0.333/.423/.357 in three games. When the season ended suddenly, she played 10 consecutive games. Hampton opted out of the 2021 spring sports season, so Davis is likely to play in 2022.

When she returned to Spring Side Chestnut Hill High School, she won the championship while playing for the football and softball teams and was a four-year college basketball player.

The future of broadcasting?

ESPN viewers heard Davis’s name on television during the 2014 Minor League World Series. But it may not be long before Davis will become the head coach of the game.

Washington post Report Davis has been interning with the college summer baseball team DC Grays as one of the announcers for their game this summer.

“I just like to revolve around sports, it’s really cool to be able to talk about them from my perspective,” Davis told the Post. “Especially the sports that I have participated in, being able to look at them from an external perspective and connect them with people. This is what I want to do in the future, and I am still working hard.”

This summer, she will have the opportunity to continue to consolidate these skills on a larger stage. Davis will be part of the Junior League Classic between the KidsCast Angels and the Indians on ESPN2 on August 22, and then two days later she will put the headset back on to participate in ESPN’s Junior League World Series. According to Hampton UniversityShe was also invited to broadcast KidsCast for several games of the 2019 Junior League World Series.


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