New Ford Mavericks Obviously a lot of early interest has been aroused, and the number of bookings for compact pickups exceeds 100,000. The demand comes from California and other markets that usually favor imports.

The booking is not binding and does not require a deposit, but Ford Confident that they will convert into orders like using a similar system to build interest in electric vehicles Mustang Mach-E And resurrect Mustang SUV.this Maverick It will be officially launched this fall, but given the shortage of supply throughout the automotive industry and the problems faced by Ford, especially Bronco, some form of delay is certainly possible.

In other words, this huge demand does seem to answer the question of whether consumers will be interested in compact pickups with similar cars. cross put up.This is what we think about in Autoblog Hyundai Santa Cruz’s first drive review, This is a different view of the same basic concept.

“(The demand) really exceeded our expectations,” Ford’s Todd Eckert truck The marketing manager said in an interview. “This is the first step with reservations. But we think this is a very good sign.”

So far, Ford said the most bookings are from Los Angeles, where the Toyota Tacoma Medium-sized pickup trucks dominate the market. San Francisco ranks third on the Maverick booking list, second only to Orlando, Florida, and slightly higher than Houston.

It is not clear how many of these reservations are for Hybrids Variant, this is the cheapest way to buy Maverick, but it may also have limited appeal because it only works with front-wheel drive. It will be more scarce when it launches Compare Turbocharged model, Ford has confirmed.

After adding some security-oriented technology upgrades, Michael Meadors, 30, of Costa Mesa, California, has converted his reservation to an order for Black Maverick with a price tag of $22,030. Meadors’ HR job to and from Los Angeles takes nearly 50 miles. He said he was driven by a truck. Fuel economy And a moderate size.

“It’s not that big Ford Fusion I’m driving,” Meadows said. “So it should be easy to get around and find a parking space in heavy traffic in Southern California. “

This is Meadors’ first truck and also the first New car. Like more and more pickup truck buyers, he doesn’t need a truck to work, but he sees the benefits of having a bed to tow things.

“You don’t have to do construction work in order to make money,” he said. “You might pick up plants and potting soil, or some large items from Costco, or even beach chairs that you don’t want to put in the cabin.”

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