The U.S. Women’s National Football Team has won the gold medal for the fifth time in the seven Olympic Women’s Football Championships.

The USWNT of the American sports betting company won between -165 and -185, and before the International Football Championship, any team rarely lost money. It is undeniable that American women’s football dominates — they have remained unbeaten in 44 consecutive games into the Olympics — but championship football may be unpredictable, especially in single-elimination tournaments. USWNT discovered this at the last Olympic Games in 2016, when it lost the quarter-finals in a penalty shoot-out against Sweden.

With the development of women’s professional football worldwide, competition in other countries has become increasingly fierce. For this reason, there will be many interesting ways to play the odds market during the Olympic Women’s Football Championship.

Who will win the Olympic football gold medal?

According to the four American sports betting companies, the following are their prospects for the upcoming Women’s Olympic Football Championship.

After USWNT, Netherlands Considered the next person most likely to win a gold medal (+500 to +650). The Dutch women’s football team won the 2019 World Cup runner-up after losing to the United States in the final, and the two countries may clash in the Tokyo replay final. If both teams win their respective groups, as the odds makers predicted, then they can only meet in the finals. In this case, betting on Dutch futures will also provide hedging opportunities.

The Netherlands expects the hardest match on the road to the final will be played in the quarter-finals. If the Dutch team is at the top of Group F (Brazil, China, Zambia), it will play against the second-placed team in Group G, which is likely to be Sweden (if the United States finishes first). The Netherlands needs extra time to defeat the dangerous Swedes in the 2019 World Cup semi-finals, but as the team begins to struggle with the expected adverse weather conditions in the knockout rounds, the Dutch possession game may prove its advantage in that matchup. .

Great Britain, Brazil, Canada And new look Japan The team is a next-level contender dreaming of winning the Olympic gold medal, but the United States and the Netherlands are just a qualifying contender, and it takes many upsets to hit them from the top of the podium.

The future of women’s football at the 2022 Olympics

team King of Drafts BetMGM BetRivers William Hill
United States -165 -185 -167 -175
Netherlands +600 +600 +650 +500
Great Britain +800 +900 +800 +650
Sweden +1000 +1100 +1500 +1000
Canada +1200 +2500 +1500 +2000
Japan +1400 +1100 +1100 +1200
Brazil +1600 +1200 +1500 +1400
Australia +2500 +2200 +2300 +1600
China +3500 +6600 +15000 +6600
new Zealand +10000 +10000 +15000 +10000
Zambia +20000 +15000 +20000 +15000
Chile +25000 +20000 +80000 +25000

Medal-winning team

U.S. sports betting PointsBet has odds Among the teams that won one of the three Olympic football medals, as expected, the United States and the Netherlands are in negative numbers.

in spite of Canada (+600) Having won bronze medals in the last two editions, the team’s scoring struggle is real (6 goals in seven games in 2022), despite the 38-year-old legendary forward Kristen Sinclair (pictured below) ), he is the leader in the number of goals in world history, man or woman. If Canadians can prove that they can create dangerous opportunities in the opener against Japan, the future of medals may be worth a try.

Getty Images

host Japan (+400) Winning a medal can also be an interesting game. The first game against Canada will set the tone for the next game. The Japanese are becoming stronger on the international stage, entering the medal tournament in 2008 and 2012, and making appearances in the 2015 FIFA World Cup finals.

Although they missed the qualifiers for the 2016 Olympic Games, Japan has been cultivating a young core who gained experience in the 2019 World Cup. In the 16 rounds of the finals, the Dutch team, which was finally in the finals, was eliminated in the 90th minute. . The Japanese team, who scored 28 goals in five games this year, may be ready for another memorable game.

Group winners

At the time of publication, three sportsbooks have announced the odds of the group winners.

Odds show that Group E is the most competitive among hots Great Britain And host JapanJapan fell behind England in Group D of the 2019 World Cup, partly because England won 2-0 in a head-on match closer than the final result. Considering that 19 of the GB team’s 22 players in the Olympics were British, this comparison is applicable, but the Japanese team has made great progress since then. When the teams met in the second group match, the star Mana Iwabuchi will not be hurt by playing club football in England in recent months.

in case Canada (+275 to +450) If you can find your own scoring slot, you can also become a legitimate threat to win the E group. It is no easy task for Britain and Japan to break through Canada’s defense. If Canada’s offense can get a lucky rebound and cause some damage on set-pieces, then the Canadians can beat the two favorites.

Olympic Futures: Group Champion

Group E

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill
Great Britain -135 +100 -125
Japan +180 +190 +188
Canada +425 +275 +450
Chile +6600 +15000 +6600

Group F

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill
Netherlands -155 -250 -150
Brazil +185 +190 +200
China +700 +2000 +700
Zambia +1800 +5000 +2000

Group G

team BetMGM BetRivers William Hill
United States -450 -400 -350
Sweden +475 +450 +450
Australia +800 +800 +700
new Zealand +4000 +6000 +3300

Top scorer in the Women’s Olympic Games

In American sports betting, BetRivers offers odds The top scorer in the women’s competition, the Australian team Sam Kerr (+600) And American Alex Morgan (+600) As a popular candidate to win the Golden Boot together.

But Kerr and Australia faced tough opposition in the group stage in the United States and Sweden, both of which are strong defensive teams. Morgan is competing with Cali Lloyd for the starting forward position of the US team. The US team’s opponent is likely to stop, limiting the chance of scoring.

Getty Images

Another name that might be appealing: Dutch starter Vivienne Midmar (+700) It is a scoring machine, scoring 18 goals in 22 games for Arsenal last season and 73 goals in 96 games against the Netherlands. Miedema (above) scored three goals in the 2019 World Cup with 2.6 expected goals.

The Netherlands’ group opponents (Brazil at No. 7, China at No. 15 and Zambia at No. 104) and the expectation of an in-depth tournament make Midmar a route to the top of the Olympic standings.


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