The new Serie A season will kick off on Saturday, August 21. After having to witness their opponents win the championship for nine consecutive seasons, Juventus will seek to regain its status as Italy’s best team to make it clear-cut. Favorite.

The Italian winning team almost brought back the entire lineup from last season, but this time the players will be led by head coach Massimiliano Allegri, who returned to the helm after a two-year hiatus. He will take over a disappointing fourth place, 13 points behind the final champion Inter Milan.

Many people predict that the cash-challenging champion Inter Milan will have a difficult season. Inter Milan lost its head coach (Antonio Conte) and was forced to transfer to its top scorer (Romelu Lukaku). The season’s apocalypse (Ahraf Hakimi) to balance the summer budget. At the same time, second-ranked AC Milan retained the lineup and added some reinforcements. Atlanta looks ready to compete for the top four again, while Roma, Lazio and Naples hope that the head coach change will make them a strong contender.

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How to watch Serie A in the U.S.

CBS is the exclusive broadcaster of American and Italian club football, including Serie A, Coppa Italia (Italian Cup) and Supercoppa Italiana (Italian Super Cup). All matches will be broadcast on Paramount+, and selected matches will be broadcast on CBS linear channels such as CBS Sports Network (CBSSN).

  • date: August 21, 2021 to May 22, 2022
  • TV channel: CBS Sports Network (CBSSN)
  • stream media: Paramount+

Serie A TV and streaming schedule for match day 1

The season started with three days of competition. Champion Inter Milan is at home against the stubborn Genoa team, which will fight for relegation. On Monday, AC Milan will play 10 games with another team based in Sampdoria, Genoa.

Saturday, August 21

competition Time (ET) TV channel stream
Verona VS Verona Sassuolo 12:30 noon Paramount+
Inter Milan vs. Genoa 12:30 noon Paramount+
Empoli VS Empoli Lazio 2:45 PM Paramount+
Torino vs. Atlanta 2:45 PM Paramount+

Sunday, August 22

competition Time (ET) TV channel stream
Udinese VS Udinese Juventus 12:30 noon CBS Sports Network Paramount+
Bologna vs. Salerno 12:30 noon Paramount+
Naples vs. Venice 2:45 PM Paramount+
Rome vs. Florence 2:45 PM Paramount+

Monday, August 23

competition Time (ET) TV channel stream
Cagliari VS Cagliari Spice 12:30 noon Paramount+
Sampdoria vs. AC Milan 12:30 noon Paramount+

Who will win the Serie A title?Champion Futures

The bookmaker said that seven teams this season call themselves competitors, Juventus is higher than other teams:

Juventus reset: Despite the income shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Juventus succeeded in adding up-and-coming Italian national team stars Manuel Locatelli In a creative deal, the Bianconeri also targeted the Brazilian forward Keo Jorge At a lower transfer fee.With superstars Cristiano Ronaldo (Below) Persist and Paul Dybala Eager to restart his career, it will be the usually ambitious Juventus in all aspects. Outside of Serie A, after Allegri reached the final twice in three seasons (2015 and 2017), the club’s great dream was to win the Champions League again, but it failed both times.

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The Milan club chasing the old lady: Inter Milan and AC Milan are expected to become Juventus’ main challengers in the championship battle. Their team is piled up like a mountain. Despite significant personnel changes, Inter Milan has added three stable starters to the roster (Denzel Dumfries, Edingzko with Hakan Karhanoglu), AC Milan is the same, they will have a new goalkeeper to replace the Italian national team goalkeeper Gigi Donnarumma: French Mike MagnumIf it is not a champion, the UEFA Champions League qualification is the lowest expectation of Milan.

Can the Atlanta model continue to produce results? Bergamo’s three consecutive third-place finishes in Serie A continue to be surprising. The formula is simple: sell your valuable assets, and then reinvest the cash in the next wave of elite players’ scouting and player development. It happened again in the summer when Tottenham claimed its starting goalkeeper (Pierre Luigi Gigolini) and defender (Christian Romero). If the bench proves to be up to standard, Atlanta is expected to hover in the top three again.

Rome is all on fire: The Roma clubs AS Roma and Lazio have new managers and they are now spokespersons for their respective organizations. Jose Mourinho (Rome, bottom) and Maurizio Sarri (Lazio) Landed in Rome with an impressive resume, passionate personality and a completely different football brand. Regardless of improving his club’s competition with Juventus from the beginning, the standard of measurement must be his opponents in the same city in the first year.

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Follow Naples: No one is talking about the Naples club, which has been quietly preparing for this summer with almost no transfer activities.The most prominent initiative is the hiring manager Luciano Spalletti, He returned to coaching after two years of absence. If the veteran can press the right button and inject fresh ideas and energy into the group, Naples has a strong lineup that can win the championship after failing to qualify for the Champions League in the past two seasons.

team King of Drafts Fan duel BetMGM Points betting
Juventus -120 -115 -110 -130
Inter Milan +350 +430 +350 +400
Atlanta +550 +470 +550 +600
Naples +1200 +1300 +1200 +1400
AC Milan +1400 +1600 +1200 +1200
Rome +1400 +1400 +1400 +1600
Lazio +3500 +2600 +2800 +3000
Sassuolo +15000 +10000 +25000 +15000
Florence +25000 +10000 +15000 +20000
Udinese +50000 +10000 +100000 +30000
Bologna +50000 +10000 +75000 +30000
Sampdoria +50000 +10000 +25000 +30000
Verona +50000 +10000 +75000 +30000
Cagliari +80000 +10000 +75000 +50000
Turin +100000 +10000 +50000 +50000
Empoli +100000 +10000 +125000 +50000
spices +100000 +10000 +150000 +50000
Genoa +100000 +10000 +75000 +50000
Salerno +100000 +10000 +150000 +50000
Venice +100000 +10000 +200000 +50000


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