Its anchor is very important to Cameron Kinley’s NFL career.

The rookie cornerback revealed on Tuesday that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved Kingley to postpone his service in the Navy, allowing him to join the Pirates for training camps in the coming weeks.

Jinli sent a letter thanking Austin, his family, friends and his organization for solving this problem.

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Jinli did not provide details of Austin’s decision.

On June 10, Kingley explained to Dan Patrick in the “Dan Patrick Show” that although the agreement and procedures were followed in accordance with the policies supported by former President Donald Trump, he did not get any reason not to postpone his appointment.

This policy allows service college graduates to postpone their commissions and switch to professional sports.

Kingley said that Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas W. Harker did not give reasons for refusing to delay service, and there is no appeal procedure to review the decision.

The cornerback and former Navy football team captain participated in the Pirates rookie mini training camp and found themselves in a bright spot, intercepting rookie quarterback Kyle Trask.

Although there is no guarantee that Jinli will become the Pirates’ 53-man roster, at least he has the opportunity to continue to chase his NFL dream.


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