My palm won’t Stop sweating, water drops dripping from the buttons of the controller. My grip strength hasn’t changed for nearly an hour, but I refuse to let my wet hands kill my attention. I tried to regulate my breathing—inhale, slowly, and exhale—but I was a little nervous. Don’t suffocate, I mumbled to myself.

It was a warm May evening in Toronto. I hunched over my computer, clicked on the Sega Genesis controller and tried to make personal history. On my screen, a pixelated blue hedgehog zooms in and loops and jumps from platform to platform. I continued to breathe, getting heavier and heavier, until the end, until Sonic destroyed Dr. Robotnik’s final form. Then I stopped my timer: 49 minutes and 51 seconds. finally, On the official leaderboard, I will be among the top players and beat this Sonic game as fast as possible. When the acquaintance started, I was very excited. All I want to do is to play again.

I start running Sonic the Hedgehog 3 In January, enthusiastic about the new epidemic pastime. Classic games, Released for Sega Genesis in 1994, Is the main content of my childhood: my brother likes games more than me, he will play games over and over again, every time I will watch dutifully. In this game, players need to move quickly, spin sprints, and accelerate through levels. So when Toronto adjusted to the citywide lockdown again at the end of last year, I tried to play by myself and see how fast I could do it — or at least, if I could beat my brother’s pace years ago. I quickly became hooked and wrote down the time and notes in the diary.Different Real runnerEvery time I play, I long for a new personal best, or PB. For every milestone I reach, I know I can do better.

Why is running at extreme speed so fun?

Although the simplest meaning of “speed running” is to play the game as fast as possible, but each game has a specific target category.As a completionist, I choose to collect all seven emeralds Sonic 3-A tedious but ultimately satisfying task. For several months, I have been working hard, rotating the spherical Sonic to secret areas and special stages, and making improvements little by little until I can officially become a leaderboard. I played it almost every night; in the end, my partner begged me to put on headphones and got tired of the same chip music songs played in the carousel.

You may have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is the core concept of Crash. But speed runners will not experience instability or restlessness. Instead, they were ecstatic about the prospect of playing the same game over and over again—the same level, through the same route.

search for Speed ​​pass categories on Twitch On any given night, you will find dozens of amateur gamers playing their favorite games quickly.Over the years, Speedrunning has become so popular that global events such as these Finish the game quickly Gathered hundreds of thousands of viewers and raised millions of dollars for charity.When runners beat their PB, or they finish the race in world record time, they will scream or cry with joy—or, if they are like me, raising their fists and pacing in their small apartment, then The response is End with a viral YouTube compilation.

So why does sprinting—a strange sport that does the same thing again and again—have such a fanatical following? A better understanding of how and why we play games, as well as the way that speed pass games use this game psychology, can help explain the pleasure that gamers get from fast games.But at its core, Speedpass satisfies some Our most basic human needs: Desire to be your best self, a community of like-minded peers, and get things done as quickly as possible.

How did speed running become so popular?

As long as video games exist, Speedruns exist in one form or another. The reason is simple: running the fastest on something is a simple and quantifiable way of measuring a player’s greatness, which is no different from getting a high score.As game developer John Romero said Speedrun Science: A Long Guide to Passing Short Games, “Anyone can slowly achieve their goals, but this is not competition.”

In the early 1990s, when a community of gamers flocked in, quick-starters started looking for each other to exchange tips and tricks and share their time. Speedrunners of the classic first-person shooter doom It was one of the first companies to establish a ranking list in 1994; today, the authoritative ranking website Speed ​​running net Has more than 2 million record runs in more than 20,000 games.


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