Although in other American sports, there are fierce debates about whether and in what form the All-Star Game should continue to exist, but the professional football All-Star Game in North America has just begun.

Major League Soccer has done things in the East and West for several years, but in the past 15 MLS All-Star games, the best players in the league have faced off against international opponents, making this event different from traditional games. smell. American All-Star showdown. This year, when the MLS All-Star team faced the Mexican La Liga MX All-Star team for the first time, it took a new and more eye-catching turn. This is a matchup that fans have been curious about for years, and it actually took place at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

What’s the big deal? There are serious problems between the United States and Mexico in the national team (the United States has won in the last two finals against Mexico) and the club level (Liga MX defeated the MLS in all 12 versions to enter the Champions League). Deep-rooted football competition. After the Mexicans have ruled on all fronts for many years, the US team has begun to show itself in recent years, and the Mexicans don’t like it at all. This underlying narrative has driven countless games, and it will appear when two All-Star teams face off on Wednesday.

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It is this novelty and competitive advantage that also exists when the MLS All-Star team faces Manchester United and Arsenal-hey, American football is as good as your football, watch us show you-other professional sports Unable to copy Despite their efforts to change the format and bets, they still participated in the All-Star Game. This is one of the main reasons why the Football All-Star Game is the best game.

This is not just a victory

Major League Soccer shoulders the bargaining chip. The league and its players believe that they are much closer in quality to major leagues and clubs around the world than they think. The All-Star Game is their chance to prove this.

Many international players in the Major League Soccer have also accepted this attitude. They know that the All-Star Game represents the world’s view of the league. This is a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on visiting coaches and players-potential candidates for future MLS recruitment attempts-as well as fans from other countries. This is a veritable international display of MLS, and all the protagonists know it.

International distortions increase conspiracy

Over the years, the novelty of seeing East-West duels or other conference-specific all-star combinations has disappeared. It just screams exhibition. But when the opponent’s opponent is from overseas, it feels very different. Major League Soccer takes advantage of this dynamic through unprecedented duels involving some of the most famous international clubs in the world.

The reality is that MLS and its clubs do not often compare with international opponents. Except for a few UEFA Champions League matches and a few friendly matches each year, the football schedule does not allow the opportunity to see the level of competition. Even if the Major League Soccer All-Star team gathered together at the last minute, as a team only had two training sessions, the novelty factor facing a team like Manchester United or Juventus came to ordinary American and Canadian fans. Said very attractive.

Compared to the top clubs that saw the MLS All-Star team fine-tune the game after several weeks of high-level games in previous years, the Liga MX All-Star team also gathered for the first time, which should make the playing environment more fair in the preseason. During the training course.

“There is a sense of pride. You represent the league in this competition,” said US national team member and MLS All-Star Christian Roldan (pictured below). “For us, it’s about pride. What we want to show the fans and the world… how good MLS is. So there is a sense of pride there. We have to bring it with some intensity.”

Foreign teams want to be there

International clubs have always wanted to be part of the MLS All-Star Game. As one of the large events on the North American football calendar with national and global TV audiences, potential opponents know this is a unique way to develop a brand in a new market. And they know that just appearing in the game does not achieve brand building. They must also perform-in many cases, they need to perform, otherwise they will face criticism at home for falling into an All-Star team that is not even a real team.

In addition, many of these international players grew up while watching American team sports and have a keen interest in the All-Star Game. Over the years, several football stars have talked about their wish list to experience the All-Star game, just like the NBA stars they have watched over the years. When your opponent wants to play and is also driven to win the game, it will increase the vitality of the game. This is definitely the case with MLS-Liga MX competition.

“This is not an exhibition game for us-it is clear,” said La Liga MX All-Star coach Juan Reynoso, who also coaches Mexican champion Cruz Azul. “This is not a World Cup qualifier, and there is no title… but the players will go all out because for us, this is not an exhibition match.”

This is a global football shop window

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The MLS All-Star Game is broadcast globally and is watched by coaches, scouts and club executives from all over the world. In addition to contract bonuses, MLS players hope to be part of the All-Star Game to help put their names on the map and show the football world that they are considered the elites on this side of the planet. This is a small step forward. Step by step to prepare for future large overseas investments.

Some of the names that played in the recent All-Star Game include Taylor Adams (now in Leipzig, Germany), Zach Stephen (Man City), Miguel Almiron (Newcastle), Michael Murillo (Anderlecht, Belgium). ), Alfonso Davis (Bayern Munich), ibid) and Albertth Elis (Boavista, Portugal, now preparing to move to France).

It’s not that their All-Star performance directly contributed to these moves, but the player’s status as an All-Star of the league certainly helps them to join the candidacy of major European clubs. It will never get hurt.

Feel like a big event

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This is true for the mid-season display of every sport. But football all-star games are rare: big names used to gather together every few years for a special fundraising event, but the crowded football schedule recently did not allow them to participate.

As European teams prepare for the start of the league season, the MLS All-Star Game has become a popular reprieve for the dull preseason in the summer. The performances of these preseason clubs are usually low-key: fans know this is an adjustment game, players often play like them, and the game is just like you think. But the MLS All-Star Game does not fit this stereotype.

It creates an atmosphere of “performance time” through marketing, fireworks, cameras, VIPs and musical performances. This blend of ingredients provides a different feel for a 90-minute football game, when there is actually no real competitive bet. Just as we have discovered that as fans return to the football field, the energy of the crowded crowd usually translates into scenes that are worth seeing on the field.

“I think the All-Star Game is new to the world [of soccer]. In American sports, this is very common, but choosing the best players in the league to form a team is very special, and it doesn’t happen very often,” Roldan said. “You want to be history at the end of the day. a part of. Participating in this year’s All-Star Game and playing against another league’s All-Star team is unheard of. This is a special event for many players, and it is also true for fans competing between Mexico and the United States. “

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