In Saturday’s second-ranked team against Oklahoma State, Tulane University’s home court advantage will be the worst of all teams.

That’s because the game originally scheduled for New Orleans has moved to the Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Due to Hurricane Ida, which made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, it needed to be relocated. New Orleans, where the Green Waves are located, was particularly hard hit, and the city lost its strength. The university cancelled classes until September 13, and the Duran football team was unable to practice on campus before Saturday’s game against the Good Morning team.

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Two days after Ida landed in Louisiana, Oklahoma announced that the game had moved to Norman, Oklahoma. Duran will remain the designated home team and will retain all ticket sales revenue. In other words, Oklahoma seems to be wearing a home jersey.

Oklahoma State President Joseph Harrods Jr. said in a statement: “At this very difficult time for the people of Louisiana, we hope to do a small part of our work by assisting the Tulane University game this weekend. “Although we regret that we need to host it, we will welcome the Durans with open arms and a heavy heart this Saturday.

“We hope this behavior is a small way we can help relieve some of the pressure the university is currently under.”

According to reports, these teams will work together to determine the dates for future games to be held in New Orleans. However, due to the rapid turnover of stadium staff, Saturday’s game will only provide seats in the next bowl.

Oklahoma State Sports Director Joe Castiglione said in a statement: “I hope we can accommodate a full stadium for this game, but these are challenging situations and few people noticed. “We rely on hundreds of well-trained professionals from multiple institutions to work with us on the match day and understand that it is impossible to equip all the personnel for this match.

“We have thoroughly evaluated many aspects of hosting the game, and there is no doubt that this is the right approach.”

Nevertheless, considering this situation, Oklahoma is still doing its best to ensure that Tulane University has the feel as close to home as possible. Sooners’ on-site staff even painted the Green Wave logo on the court:

After Hurricane Ida (because it was reclassified as a tropical depression), Oklahoma was not the only project to provide assistance to Duran. The day before Ida’s landing in Louisiana, Duran Athletic Club announced that the football team would relocate to Birmingham, Alabama to train for the season opener:

Three days after the official announcement, Duran thanked the Alabama Football Team for opening the Hank Crispy Indoor Facility, so that the Green Waves could practice:


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