The NCAA is investigating Nebraska and coach Scott Frost’s violations over the past 12 months. Mobile network report.

Brett McMurphy reported that it is believed that the team improperly used analysts and consultants to conduct special team-related exercises during practice, film room meetings, and competitions.

The report pointed out that the NCAA had “important video clips” that confirmed that the violation occurred in front of Frost and the team’s other assistant coaches. As a penalty from the NCAA, Frost may face a suspension of unknown time.

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The team can allow analysts and consultants to talk to anyone in the coaching staff, but they are not allowed to work directly with players at any time. The report pointed out that Nebraska video footage is not allowed to use these analysts, and the coaching staff, including Frost, are on the court.

The NCAA has interviewed Frost and current and former staff, administrative officials and players about possible violations.

This may not be the only problem facing the Nebraska Football Program and Frost. The Action Network report stated that the team is believed to have conducted unauthorized strength training outside the school during the COVID pandemic to avoid being noticed by other school officials outside the project. However, it is not clear whether the NCAA is investigating these claims.

After an excellent season coaching at UCF, Frost was hired before the 2018 season. So far, Frost has performed poorly under the helm of the Cornskins team, because the team has not yet achieved a winning season. During the three seasons there, his overall record was 12-20.


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