YouTube is the second largest website in the world More than 2 billion global users.

Nevertheless, despite having a large audience, it is still challenging to gain participation in the video.

Ultimately, to get views, likes, shares, and even subscribers, your content must meet their needs while attracting at least part of YouTube’s huge audience.

However, if you have just started using YouTube, or are working hard to develop your strategy, you may not yet know what the audience on the platform wants.

To help marketers learn more about YouTube’s huge user base and their interests, I asked nearly 300 consumers: “Why do you visit YouTube most often?”

This is what they said.

Why do people visit YouTube?

Before we dive into the most common reasons people choose to visit YouTube, it’s worth mentioning one thing you won’t see in the list below: product discovery.

Only 3% of respondents visit YouTube mainly to “understand the product.”

A chart explains that most people visit YouTube for entertainment

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However, you should not panic now. Please keep in mind that we only surveyed a small group of ordinary consumers to find out the most common reasons why they visit YouTube. If we ask them for the first three reasons, conduct a public opinion survey of a larger group, or conduct a public opinion survey of a specific group of people, the results may be different.

It’s also worth noting that many demographic data searches for product videos when researching potential purchases.

In fact, in A recent survey in 2020, 94% of people said that they watched the commentary video to understand the product. Although many YouTube users may not always go to the YouTube platform just for product videos, they may still watch these videos when they are related to the product. Their buyer journey.

However, understanding what YouTube viewers are looking for on YouTube will help you create a video related to your brand or product that still has a mix of elements that will appeal to them and satisfy their viewing needs.

So why do people visit YouTube? Let’s dive into the three most popular motivations.

1. Watch videos that entertain me.

When we asked consumers why they visit the world’s second largest platform, up to 65% of consumers said they did it purely for entertainment.

This statistic can be scary for marketers, especially if the products you sell may not be considered super gorgeous or eye-catching.

However, the above statistics should not panic you. Remember, this is only a small survey. If we ask people in certain age groups or industries this particular question, the results may tilt in another direction.

However, it’s important to remember that users on YouTube want to be entertained or at least interested in what they are watching. Therefore, whether you plan to publish YouTube video ads or standard videos, you want to add some entertainment, action, or interesting information to them.

This is a great video by Headspace with Lol network, Featuring actors Kevin Hart Meditate hard and use Headspace An app that helps him relax while jogging.

Even if you can’t work with big-name celebrities, this video is still a good example of content, and it tells an interesting story about how the product solves common problems. Although Hart’s reputation may attract people, watching him worry about daily things while jogging may make the audience feel cordial and interesting.

2. Learn how to do something.

We have all encountered moments in our lives when we didn’t know how to do something and searched the Internet for videos that could help. This is why it is not surprising that 13% of respondents mainly visit YouTube to “learn how to do something”.

As a marketer, you can take advantage of YouTube viewers’ needs for advice and guidance through videos and learn how to do things related to your brand, industry, and even your products.

In addition to partitioning the method of operation, you can also mix entertainment elements, such as influencers or entertainment video hosts, to meet the audience’s needs for interesting content

This is an example of how-to video from B Simone Beauty, A cosmetics brand named after its founder SimoneIn the video, Simone is also known for her work as a stand-up comedian, and she provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to give herself a fascinating makeover.

Although the video focuses on B Simone Beauty products, it focuses on makeup tutorial techniques. This not only helps the audience who buy cosmetics from the brand, but also provides useful tips for potential customers. By watching this video, you can not only understand how it feels to use B Simone products in real life, but you can also understand Simone’s knowledge of makeup. Both of these elements can make the audience trust the company and product quality.

3. Know something, such as hobbies, interests, or industry.

While some people use YouTube to find a step-by-step guide on how to do something, some people just watch videos to absorb as much valuable information as possible. In our opinion poll, 13% of respondents said that they visit YouTube to “learn about hobbies, interests, or industry related things”.

As a marketer, you can also take advantage of this YouTube user demand in videos or in-stream ads. Here are just a few ways to weave valuable information into the next video.

  • Lead the video with surprising or interesting statistics.
  • Provide expert tips or insightful interviews from your company’s leaders or industry experts.
  • Record commentary videos with interesting graphs, charts, and interesting information on topics related to your industry or brand.

The following is an example of a video published by HubSpot, which discusses how TikTok’s audience has begun to mature by discussing statistics and facts about the platform.

Although HubSpot is not a TikTok tool, it has a large marketing audience, and the company is interacting with this video, which introduces the audience to highly fashionable topics.

By creating information or educational videos related to your industry, you can let audiences with similar interests learn new things while also building trust in your company. Therefore, even if you do not explicitly mention your product, the audience will remember your brand and your expertise the next time they shop in a space near you. Similarly, if someone does conduct product research and visit your YouTube channel, they may believe that a brand with a solid knowledge of an industry will create a high-quality product.

Other answers

In addition to the top three, 3% of people said that they go to YouTube mainly to watch videos of their “favorite celebrities or influencers”, while the other 3% mainly use the platform to find relevant “news and trends” Video.

Although these answers do not need to inform your strategy, they fit very well with the theme that people are looking for entertainment and interesting information.

Cater to YouTube’s huge audience

In the end, every YouTube viewer is unlikely to like your content or search for the type of video you make. However, because the audience is so wide, at least a large part of it can participate in your marketing strategy. As you develop or fine-tune your strategy, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Know your audience: Understand the ins and outs of who uses the platform, determine the best demographics or goals, and see the types of videos they participate in most often.
  • Combine education with entertainment: Although many people visit the platform to entertain or escape from daily life, others are hungry for valuable or useful information. Therefore, try to create content that appeals to your audience while providing valuable information related to your brand or industry.
  • Don’t be limited to product videos: Although you can of course post some Demo, interesting Customer story, And mention your product in some videos, remember that YouTube visitors may not look for content similar to commercial advertisements. Try to add variation through commentators, expert interviews, or other interesting but brand-related video formats.

Need more help to develop or expand your YouTube strategy? We have provided you with protection.

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