Bradley Beal will not go to Tokyo after all.

The US Basketball team announced on Thursday that the Wizards guard spent a sensational season in Washington, but after accepting health and safety regulations before the 2022 Olympics, he will be replaced by the US men’s basketball team.

“The U.S. Men’s Basketball National Team point guard Bradley Beal was placed under the U.S. Basketball Team’s health and safety agreement on Wednesday and will continue to comply with the health and safety agreement. Tokyo Olympics on Japan,” said. “The roster replacement will be named later.”

It is not clear whether Bill failed the coronavirus test in the camp.

The team is also likely to be out of the game and defender Jeremy Grant, who is also placed in the health and safety agreement. According to reports, Grant did not test positive for the coronavirus.

Before the start of the 2022 Olympics, the US team did not perform well in the exhibition games. The team lost to Nigeria and Australia before defeating Argentina on July 13.

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Why doesn’t Bradley Beal play for the US team?

On July 15, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Wizards shooting guard was included in the health and safety protocol before the team flew to Japan for the Olympics.

The US team then decided to pull Bill from the team. It is not clear whether he tested positive for the coronavirus or whether he was a close contact who forced him to accept the agreement.

Shams Chalanya of the track team reported on July 14 that Bill was quarantined in the US basketball training camp.

This is an unfortunate blow to Bill. He will be his first Olympic team after being considered in 2016, but he missed suqad.

Bill played for the Wizards this year, averaging 31.3 points per game, setting a career high. He was selected to his third All-Star team and the third team in the NBA. This is his first all-NBA team.


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