The Steelers will soon need a new starting quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger is entering his 39-year-old season and has shown signs of regression in the past few seasons.

In other words, Pittsburgh did not mention the position of the quarterback during the 2022 NFL Draft. Instead, they searched the free agency market and picked another promising young player behind Roethlisberger. That’s Dwayne Haskins.

Yes, Haskins, a 2019 first-round pick from Ohio State University, is on the Steelers. He was initially selected by the Washington football team with the 15th overall pick in the first round, but after only two years of his career, he has found himself in Pittsburgh.

So far, Haskins has left a deep impression on Mike Tomlin there.

“His growth has improved by leaps and bounds,” Tomlin said of Haskins after a training session in early August. Mark Kaboli“He has done a good job of communicating with coaches and players. He understands what we are trying to do and his role in it, especially establishing a rapport with the receiver, trying to do what we want him to do. Things are done in the exercises we do. We emphasize that training is similar to rugby, but not necessarily rugby, so in this case we will emphasize certain things. I think he did a good job in this regard. I I think many people have it.”

Of course, this is encouraging news for the 24-year-old quarterback, because he wants to be the future quarterback of the Steelers.

But why did he get to Pittsburgh so soon? Why is Washington so willing to leave him? Here is how the Steelers included Haskins on their roster less than two years after Washington drafted Haskins in the first round.

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Why did Washington release Dwayne Haskins?

Haskins was released by Washington after a disastrous performance in Week 16, which had been a difficult week for quarterbacks.

After losing to the Seahawks in Week 15, Haskins was photographed with strippers at his girlfriend’s birthday party. Although the NFL has a COVID agreement, he did not wear a mask. This is his second violation of the COVID agreement this season. As a result, the team’s quarterback was fined $40,000 and was deprived of the captain’s position.

However, Washington chose to keep him in the 16th week against the Panthers. Neither Alex Smith nor Kyle Allen were able to participate in the game, so only Haskins, Tyler Haynik and Steven Montes were available. Haskins has been with the team the longest, so Ron Rivera, in the most intense game of the playoffs, chose to keep Haskins.

Haskins did not perform well against the Panthers. He completed a half pass for 154 yards, two interceptions and one miss, and then he was replaced by Hynek. Although only recently joined the team, but the bench performance is better than Haskins. Prior to this, he had been completing his degree in Old Dominion.

After that performance, Rivera decided it was time for Haskins to leave. He issued a statement confirming that every John Keim of ESPN.

I told him that I believe that our separate ways are good for both sides. We would like to thank Dwayne for his contributions in the past two seasons and wish him to keep going.

In addition, Rivera admitted that change can help Haskins. If not, hitting the “bottom” may be a wake-up call for the young quarterback.

“Sometimes you have to go through a hard hit. Sometimes you have to fall to the bottom before you can find a way out. Sometimes changes can help,” Rivera said. “For Dwayne, it is: What have you learned? What will you learn from these experiences to help you grow and become better? This is important to him, and I hope he learns from these experiences. Hope, They will make him stronger, they will help him, and hope that when he gets the next opportunity, he will make the most of it.”

Haskins has this opportunity with the Steelers, and he will seek to make up for the mistakes he made during his 20-month tenure in Washington.

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Why did the Steelers sign Dwayne Haskins?

Haskins signed with the Steelers in January 2022, about a month after he was laid off by Washington. Pittsburgh is a wise place for Haskins because the Steelers did not set a succession plan for the 39-year-old Ben Roethlisberger.

Of course, in addition to Haskins, Pittsburgh also has Mason Rudolph on the list. But getting the 2019 first-round pick without giving up any draft capital is a smart move for a team that needs a quarterback in the future. If he succeeds, that would be great. If not, they will not take any risks for affordable assets.

So, to make a long story short, the Steelers signed Haskins because of his advantage and their need for quarterbacks.

As for why Haskins signed with the Steelers, ESPN’s Adam Schefter outlines in “NFL Live” It boils down to Haskins believes he has a good chance to get his career back on track in Pittsburgh.

“From the moment the Washington football team released Dwayne Haskins, I think he sat down and thought about something he hoped he could do different things in Washington,” said Schefft. “I think he spent some time working on himself, thinking about what he wants to do in the future. He has visited the Carolina Panthers. He visited the Pittsburgh Steelers today, and I don’t think it was accidental.

“Dwayne Haskins changed his agent and hired someone named Brian Levy. Brian Levy also happened to represent Mike Tomlin, so I think the agent Brian Levy Levy and Cedric Sanders are happy to try to make him feel comfortable.” This relationship happened because they thought it would be good for Dwayne in the long run. Now, he needs to get his career back on track. What better way to do this in Pittsburgh under the direction of Mike Tomlin? “

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Steelers QB Depth Chart

Currently, Haskins ranks third on the Steelers’ quarterback depth chart. Roethlisberger is currently the starter, and Rudolph is currently the substitute for Big Ben. Rudolph will become Haskins’ main competitor because he wants to compete for a substitute position.

However, Haskins is ahead of Joshua Dobbs, the Steelers’ former fourth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Considering that the Steelers traded Dobbs to the Jaguars in 2019 for a fifth-round pick, this is not surprising.

rank Quarterback
1 Ben Roslisberg
2 Mason Rudolph
3 Dwayne Haskins
4 Joshua Dobbs

Haskins may not exceed third place this year. But as Roethlisberger’s Hall of Fame career draws to a close, Haskins should be on the team. If he does, he will set his sights on the 2022 offseason because he has the opportunity to escort the Steelers’ starting position.

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