President Jovenel Moïse’s widow accused the Haitian leader’s domestic opponents of organizing his assassination because the prosecutor summoned major business and political figures to receive interrogations related to the murder.

Martine Moïse was seriously injured in the attack last week. She spoke in Creole in Florida, where she was receiving hospital treatment.

She said: “Because of roads, water, electricity, referendums, and the end of the year elections, they sent mercenaries to kill the president and his family at his home so that the country will not transition.” She posted on her Twitter account on Saturday. Sent an audio message.

Detectives are interrogating members of the President’s security team when a squad of 28 mainly Colombian mercenaries broke into the private residence of Mois in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince early on Wednesday morning and addressed the 53-year-old leader.

As politicians, wealthy business leaders and powerful gang leaders compete for power amid escalating violence and terrible food and fuel shortages, this murder threatens to plunge Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, into chaos.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph has tried to maintain control and has so far called on the United Nations and the U.S. military to help guard critical facilities, but without success. Opposition politicians appointed their own transitional leader, the Speaker of the Senate, Joseph Lambert on Friday, and told the interim prime minister to step down, thinking he had no legitimacy.

Since Moise’s death, there has been confusion about how to choose an interim leader. After a controversial amendment in 2012, two different versions of the constitution provided competing formulas, and the president of the Supreme Court (a possible successor) died of the coronavirus last month. At the same time, after the terms of all mayors and most of the councillors expired last year and no new elections were held, there are only 10 elected officials left in the country, all senators.

International powers are cautious about deep involvement in Haiti. After decades of political turmoil and multiple natural disasters, Haiti has been striving to seek stability and growth. This Caribbean island with a population of 11 million relies heavily on remittances and international aid from Haitian diasporas.

According to the new report, Port-au-Prince prosecutor Bedford Crowder ordered five Haitian celebrities to appear in court on Monday morning for questioning related to the murder. They include opposition leader and business figure Reginald Boulos and former senator and presidential candidate Steven Benoit.

Bulos gave An interview Condemning the assassination and denying responsibility on Wednesday, he said: “I don’t think the opposition today is capable of withdrawing from such a well-organized mission.”

Before his death, Moise claimed that he was fighting political opponents and local business tycoons as he tried to clean up government contracts. However, the late president himself was accused of corruption and allegedly plundered millions of dollars from a Venezuelan oil subsidy program. He denied these allegations.

People are now increasingly worried that the powerful criminal gangs in Haiti will strengthen their control of the streets in the absence of an effective government.

One of the country’s most powerful gang leaders, former police officer Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizil accused the police and opposition politicians of colluding with the “smelly bourgeoisie” to kill Mois, and called for “legal violence” to force local tycoons to general Its return to the country.

Cherizier is Sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department Last year, it was suspected of planning the 2018 shantytown massacre, in which at least 71 people were killed and more than 400 houses were destroyed. The Ministry of Finance stated that the victim’s body was dragged across the street, burned, mutilated and fed to animals.

“This is a domestic and international conspiracy against the Haitian people,” Cherizil said in a video speech on Saturday, wearing a khaki uniform and sitting in front of the Haitian flag. “We told all bases to mobilize, mobilize, and take to the streets to kick off the truth about the president’s assassination.”


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