On Saturday, three fires swept through Greece, one of which threatened the entire town and cut a line on Evia, the country’s second largest island, isolating its north.

Others swallowed the forest mountainside and bypassed the ancient ruins, leaving behind a trace of destruction described by an official as a “biblical disaster”.

Firefighters fought through the night to save the 7,000-person town of Istia and several villages in the north of Evia. They used bulldozers to open clear roads in the dense forest.

Other dangerous fires occurred in the southern Peloponnese peninsula of Greece near Ancient Olympia, and Fokida in the central part of Greece north of Athens.

The Olympia fire moved eastward, away from the ancient ruins, and suddenly broke out on Saturday afternoon, threatening the village.

In northern Athens, the fires of Mount Parnitha (a national park with a lot of forest) are still burning and occasionally burst out suddenly.

Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nikos Hardalias told reporters on Saturday night that firefighters hope to control the fire on Sunday.

The smoke from that fire is still spreading throughout the Athens Basin.

Earlier, the fire caused suffocating smog in the Greek capital, and the authorities set up a hotline for residents in need of health assistance.

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