The NFL may have seen one of its greatest wide receivers.

Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) said on Friday on his new SiriusXM radio show “Let’s Go” that he has no “impulse to play now” and that “for now, I will be a Broadcasters,” According to the CardinalsBoth Fitzgerald and Tom Brady appear on the weekly show with host Jim Gray.

Fitzgerald told Gray: “I don’t know how I will feel after September, October, and November, but I just, today, I just don’t have this urge. I think I must respect this.” “Football is not one of the types of games where you want to go out and play instead of focusing on it and being ready to prepare and do the necessary things you need to do.”

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The 37-year-old Fitzgerald is an unrestricted free agent. He spent the entire 17 years of his NFL career with the Cardinals and ranked second in receiving yards (17,492) and receiving yards (1,432), second only to Jerry Rice. His 121 touchdowns are ranked sixth in history.

Fitzgerald has a long track record in durability. In his career, he has played less than 15 games in the regular season only 3 times, and he has never missed more than 3 regular season games. Last year, he played 13 games and set a career low in receiving (54), receiving yards (409) and receiving touchdowns (1). If he returns to Arizona, he will be in a fully loaded receiver room with DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green and Christian Kirk.

ESPN report In July, the Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury stated that “the ball is on his court”, as to whether Fitzgerald wants to return to the Arizona team for another season or move on-retirement or another Teams.


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