Kentucky junior quarterback Will Levis makes headlines for eating bananas (with skin) Tik Tok On July 3rd, now he drives the college football world crazy.

The pre-match staff of the SEC Network-Laura Rutledge, Paul Finbaum, Tim Thibaud, Jordan Rogers, Marty Smith and Ryan McGee-everyone on Saturday Tried the “Will Levis Challenge” and every commentator took a bite of an unpeeled banana. Smith seems to be the biggest bite in this group.

Levi’s started for Kentucky for the first time in Saturday’s game against Louisiana-Monroe. In the 45-10 Wildcats victory, Penn State completed 18 of 26 passes, passing for 367 yards and 4 touchdowns, and one interception. On Friday, Kentucky coach Mark Stopps told ESPN’s Alyssa Long that if Levi’s pass exceeds 400 yards, he will eat an unpeeled banana. Levi’s was pulled down early in the fourth quarter and could not reach this total.

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Lang himself ate an unpeeled banana while reporting the game, and Stopes joked in the post-match press conference that he “let (Levi’s) get out of there” because he was close to 400 yards from the game.

Levis and Wildcats will play Missouri on the SEC Network on Saturday, September 11. So does Stopps have to eat bananas? We will wait and see.


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