Peyton Manning Professional Football Hall of Fame induction speech It’s a love letter to the sport. The five-time NFL MVP man expressed his gratitude for all that football has brought him and emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for the next generation of players.

“When we leave this stage tonight, it is no longer about ourselves. It is about training to give us so many games,” Manning said last month. “This is to cultivate football so that it can thrive in the life and development of another day, one year, ten years, and another generation. This is to ensure that children all over the world can learn, establish connections, grow and enjoy each A flag, every tackle, every pass, every fun of running, blocks, sacks and touchdowns…

“The future of this game is shaped by us. We just need to carry tomorrow on our shoulders as easily as we put on a cushion before each game. Let this moment be a precious memory, and then remember that it is only there, Legacy is worth the fuel of the future.”

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These comments sparked speculation that whenever Roger Goodall chose to retire, Manning could serve as an NFL commissioner. Unfortunately, for football fans who want to see the former Colts and Broncos quarterback sitting in the chairman’s chair, this will not happen soon.

Appeared in “Bill Simmons Podcast,” Manning announced that he was not interested in succeeding Goodell, saying that he did not know the source of the rumors.

“I said in an interview with Bob Costas the other day that I think Roger Goodall will hold on for another 20 years if the NFL is lucky,” Manning told Simmons. “I know he accepted his bullet, but he did well in the game. I don’t know what you call it. A fan of the game, an ambassador of the game, that’s what I want to be. I don’t want to be a critic. I want to To be a supporter of it, I kind of want to stay on the player side.”

Just because Manning doesn’t plan to take that job doesn’t mean he won’t be very busy in the next few years. Payton and his brother Eli will play an alternate program of “Monday Night Football” starting this season. Their deal with ESPN Throughout the 2023 election campaign, Payton will maintain close contact with the sport he loves.

“I think Eli and I will speak from the players’ side on the ESPN2 broadcast,” Manning said. “Even if we no longer participate in the game, you still feel like a player and stand on the side of the players and fans.”


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