Most currencies were trading in the red on Tuesday after a significant drop in the market. However, several currencies were still trading in the green, showing signs of strength even with a bearish sentiment. Tron (TRX/USD) was one of the few currencies that traded positively, indicating bullish movement in the coming weeks, especially after its recent crash earlier this month.

  • Earlier this month, the TRX emerged from a symmetrical triangle it had been trading under for more than six months. However, shortly after the breakout, a huge TRX was unable to sustain the market's decline and dropped by more than 25%.

  • TRX got support from the strong demand zone at $0.09 and is about to exit resistance at $0.099.

  • Once the major currencies start trading on the green, a big bomb can also be expected in Tron.

  • The first goal can be set at $0.117, followed by $0.13.

  • A stop-loss can be set below the demand zone.


TRX is looking very bullish for the coming weeks, especially after sustaining the recent dip seen earlier this week, suggesting that as soon as a market rally is observed, TRX could start a sharp rally. To confirm the bullish bias in the coming weeks, an entry can be considered above $0.099.

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