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of course, Ferrari Rome Some people may think it is entry-level, but don’t let it fool you; it has 612 horsepower, thanks to the twin-turbocharged V8 and the gorgeous appearance that matches it. Add a quarter of more than a million dollars, and the price tag is sure to cause exclusivity.Unless you Win this From Omaze, including all taxes and shipping.

Win 2022 Ferrari Roma-Enter at Omaze

This is our view of the Romans Driving it for the first time last fall:

“This Roma coupe is definitely more than just a Portofino Convertible, as evidenced by its 70% new parts count. Two plus two Roma has more luggage space-our three large suitcases are placed separately in the suitcase-and cool things. This includes 21 more horses (with an improved flat crankshaft), a wider torque curve and an eight-speed transmission instead of Portofino’s seven horses. Other features include a front vortex generator, a deployable rear spoiler and the latest sideslip control 6.0, allowing experienced drivers to drive sideways while maintaining epic power.Kick five Manetino Switch to Race, Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer will hydraulically adjust each brake pressure to further adjust the yaw angle.

“The latest dual-clutch eight-speed transmission, it’s SF90 Street The hybrid car reduces the weight by 15 pounds while providing 15% upshift speed and 21% downshift advantage.Very spectacular and very challenging PorscheThe PDK, which has won the title of the world’s best autonomous driving, is a must-have option for a carbon fiber steering wheel. When the 7,500 rpm red line approaches, the rim of the steering wheel will flash an LED alert. Shifting is managed by the familiar rabbit ear-style carbon fiber shift paddles and the unfamiliar bright metal console sliders, which pay homage to the gated Ferrari gear levers of the past.Ferrari is more demanding Fuel efficiency Again, even though this requires a shifting strategy, the car relentlessly upshifts to a higher gear. Comfort mode in particular may be called “Environmental Protection Agency Mode” because it makes Roma stubbornly choose 7 gears, as low as 35 or 40 mph. (Putting Ferrari in manual paddle shift mode is the fastest solution.)

“The flowing wrap-around cabin is amazing, and the sculpted rear seats are great for designer luggage or shopping, but not for toddler-sized humans. Ferrari’s optional right-side passenger display keeps the wingman in the game through performance readings while allowing They control the audio and navigation functions. Paula, like most people who encounter screens, is greatly stimulated; whether this impression is worth $5,608 is up to you.

“Only one thing broke Ferrari’s romantic curse: a human-machine interface with stylish capacitive tactile feedback control-everyone despised all kinds of Cadillac, Honda,Wait. This includes the engine start/stop “button” on the steering wheel, which is not a real button. To make matters worse, the embedded installation stuff doesn’t always work the first time you try it. Personally, I want my six-digit Italian GT to rumble every time I press the switch. I accidentally triggered the voice-activated button switch on the steering wheel many times.

“A central 8.3-inch screen similar to a standalone tablet computer rests on the console and is covered with carbon fiber and Ferrari fonts. It is operated via the steering wheel touchpad, which is actually better than a clumsy chocolate bar. Mercedes‘MBUX unit. But there are no volume knobs, no simulated climate or mirror controls, and no steering wheel levers for turn signals or wipers, the latter being consistent with every Ferrari in recent years.I especially miss the thick red metal physics, F1 fantasy Manetino The switch, replaced by a tactile dial, whose soft readings look very precious: a Ferrari-controlled video game simulation, when we already have the real thing. “

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If you want to see this dizzying Ferrari in your driveway, Enter here. The deadline for registration is September 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

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