Although it appears from Tesla’s own website, And making cameos on a few car manufacturers’ test cars, the traditional round steering wheel is not suitable The updated Model S electric carInstead, the brand is committed to updating the stylish yoke-style steering that debuted in luxury cars, which looks a lot like an ordinary steering wheel without upper rims.For those who have a knack for pop culture, think Knight knightKit.

There is no denying that we prefer the design of Tesla’s new tiller (admit it, it looks cool), but, after living with us for a week, we are overwhelmed by its execution.​​​ Model S Tartan so equippedThis is especially true when the car is driving at lower speeds, because the 14.0:1 steering ratio makes it difficult to complete near-completely locked turns without awkwardly fumbling for the device (deliberately) lack of upper rims because of habit.

We heard about the various reasons why Tesla decided to install each variant of the new Model S (probably The same updated Model X SUV), from the company’s desire to improve the visibility of the car’s instrument cluster to its desire to create Better autopilot Experience, but we haven’t heard any rumors that automakers plan to provide traditional steering wheels as an alternative to yokes.

According to sources within Tesla, the steering wheel deemed suitable for the aforementioned 2022.5 Model S prototype is only used for engineering purposes. Nevertheless, Tesla clearly has the resources and capabilities to manufacture and provide a more traditional steering wheel for the updated Model S. Although the modified EV is currently only provided with the yoke, it is possible that in the future a more typical steering wheel will enter the car’s cab as an optional feature. After all, Tesla moves quickly. If enough customers think the steering wheel is more attractive in theory than in practice, then the brand may simply decide to quickly produce a full-frame steering wheel for the updated Model S.

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