The Woodward Dream Cruise is a one-day event where (almost) anything can fly.This is a special day for any vehicle-we mean vehicle — Fans of southeastern Michigan, but there are also many people from outside the state who come to the party.

The total attendance rate for the day usually exceeds 1 10,000 people, and the number of cars cruising in Woodward is usually more than 40,000. The name describes what is best. “Woodward” is the name of the road where “cruising” takes place. However, this is not so much about cruising as it is about how many cars are congested in the end. Traffic rarely exceeds the 45 mph speed limit, and most of the time everyone is just crawling. However, this is exactly what people want, because the way you “participate” in this cruise is just to put your chairs on the side of the road.This is the best move Auto show You will go. Just expect your eardrums to beat from time to time and know that your lungs will receive pre-emissions every year.

You can also choose where to participate, because the cruiser is heading north PontiacMichigan, south to Ferndale, Michigan, stretches for 14 miles. However, if this is your first time, we definitely recommend that you post between Royal Oak and Birmingham, as it is where cars and people gather.

What a fun party this is. When we say anything, we are serious. One day, the definition of “legal on the street” was expanded because people destroyed the strangest and most troublesome buildings you have ever seen. Of course, the main activity comes from and caters to the classic American muscles—— You can check the meat and potatoes of the cruise in our main post -But it is the strange car mix that brings extra pleasure to cruising. There are dogs. Don’t forget the dog.The cruising temperature this year has risen to more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so the dog group is thinner than usual, but there is still enough fluff to hang in it classic cars Make everyone’s day.

Browse the gallery and enjoy it. If possible, travel to Woodward next year. We can guarantee that the show will not disappoint.

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