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Writing about challenges in real life

Children always ask me “Where did you get your idea?” and “Where did your story come from?” Although I often write fantasy, Sometimes my stories come from real life, and real life is complicated.

My upcoming book Take me home its about Homeless, The idea came from a radio interview with a family of five living in the car.Before I wrote, I thought a lot about the challenges of homelessness and the problems that my character might face Take me home.

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As a former teacher, I attach great importance to the development of the best student writing practice Critical thinking skillsThey also help students strengthen their empathy and understanding of complex topics such as homelessness and poverty. Whether you are a teacher, a librarian or a homeschooling parent, The following “Attention and Surprise” tips are an excellent way to develop students’ creative and critical skills.

Tips for young writers (recommended for students 9 years and older)

  • Is it correct to separate homeless siblings? Write an article explaining the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Define a “food desert” and ask: What advice do you have to provide healthy food for those who are not easily available?
  • Write a column for your local newspaper as a persuasive article, or write a letter to your state or local representative with ideas on how community members can help the homeless and hungry.
  • If someone does not wear the latest clothing fashion, what information will this tell you about their lives? Write a sample diary entry from their perspective.
  • Write down the feeling of living in the car in the form of poems or stories.

Today’s young people face major social challenges, and helping them find ways to express their problems and concerns is critical to their future. Writing down these complex issues and topics can help young people deal with the world around them.

About Janet Fox

Janet Fox is a writer, mother, outdoor enthusiast and former teacher. She once dived into the sea in a submersible and had a brief contact with rock stars. Her novel is written for children and young people, but has won fans of all ages.Her gothic mid-range novel The charming child of Luxkill Castle Won a lot of stars and lovely crystal kite awards. Currently, she has blue and pink stripes in her hair. She lives in Bozeman, know more information, Twitter: @janetsfox, with Weibo: @janetsfox.

Writing about challenges in real life: Tips for young writers

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