Toneam Outoftown Blog Center ( – Leaders of the global tourism industry have praised the Philippines for successfully hosting the 21st World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit, as it has high hopes for an industry battered by the two-year pandemic.

Tourism Minister Berna Romulo-Puyat at the closing ceremony of the 21st Global Summit of the World Tourism Council (WTTC).

“I don’t often feel sorry for words, but I am now. Wow! What an amazing summit. We have truly rediscovered travel,” said WTTC President and CEO Julia Simpson, who credits the “extraordinary welcome in the Philippines” for her in Personal highlights from the two-day summit.

“That warmth, that enthusiasm, that generosity, that smile. No one said ‘Good morning! “. It’s incredible. You’re alive. It’s not a show — it’s really in your DNA,” she said after the closing ceremony.

In his closing remarks, Simpson said the summit’s success “proves that the country’s tourism industry has taken hold”.

Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat said on Friday that the summit, which brought together world leaders in the tourism industry, gave the Philippines an opportunity to show “how beautiful this country is.”

WTTC President and CEO Julia Simpson said the success of the summit
WTTC President and CEO Julia Simpson said the success of the summit “proves that the tourism industry in the country is doing well”.

The Philippines is now the top destination for delegates, many of whom have decided to stay and taste the rest of the country, she said, “and we’re setting an example of how to open up safely.”

“It was a fantastic global summit, and to echo your branding, we certainly had a lot of fun in the Philippines. It was an experience all summit delegates can absolutely attest to,” WTTC President Arnold Donald said in his closing remarks.

Gloria Guevara, special advisor to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Tourism and former president and CEO of WTTC, said the Philippines “has exceeded all our expectations. Thanks to Bernadette Romulo-Pur Under Secretary Yate’s leadership before and during the pandemic, the Philippines has successfully repositioned itself as a preferred destination with an impactful summit. The hospitality of the Filipinos is also unforgettable.”

Puyat thanked the delegates and attendees for the success of the summit and their “outstanding commitment to supporting the recovery and continued growth of the global tourism industry”.

As the pandemic forces the global travel industry to up the game and change the way it gets its work done, she said, “We’ve also put a lot of effort into finding the most effective mix of health and safety guidelines enforcement and personal convenience — taking a subtler approach,” she said. balancing action by taking steps to keep everyone safe without placing an unreasonable burden on the travelling public.”

    WTTC Chairman Arnold Donald
WTTC Chairman Arnold Donald

“Our shared hopes and dreams for the future are reflected in the policies we have developed and the measures we have taken to plan and achieve a full and complete recovery for the industry,” Puyat said.

Referring to the need for sustainable tourism, she said the summit also gave way to “passionate advocates for responsible tourism and a greener environment”.

“We must not return our destinations to the unsustainable old ways of the past. Instead, we must move forward, guided by strategic and evidence-based planning, and aimed at building further resilience,” she added.

To view the summit sessions, you can follow this link (DAY1 WTTC Day 1, Day 2–aSNnMU.

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