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Although WWE is known for signing some of the best wrestling talents in the world, it is also notorious for abusing and eventually releasing these talents. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the company’s release list to surge in 2020, but it is expected that there will be more of the same situation this year, as several big-name wrestlers have been released from WWE contracts.

With the appearance of WrestleMania 37 in the rearview mirror, the company has entered the annual “clean-up” period, during which it will collectively release stars. So far, several versions have been released in 2022, some of which are surprisingly named at the top of the list.

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On June 25, more screens were unexpectedly released, bringing a huge total number of release talents in 2022.

Sports news will follow the latest report version throughout 2022 below.

WWE release 2022

August Gray

freed: June 25

August Gray (real name Anthony Green) was part of the company’s June 25 release. He has signed in 2020 and made his debut under the name assigned by WWE.

He has participated in “205 Live” and later NXT.

Tyler Breeze

freed: June 25

When the brand flourished in the early 2010s, Breeze was one of NXT’s outstanding performers and won the NXT doubles championship with Fandango.

Together with Fandango, he found the second style in WWE and formed the popular and lively Breezango marking team. The two returned to NXT in May 2019 to compete again as the label team of the WWE sub-brand.


freed: June 25

Fandango has gone all the way, from the high heels of ballroom dance to Tyler Breeze’s stupid partner, and has worked in the company for nearly 15 years.

He recently returned to NXT with Breeze, and the two formed a lively and interesting doubles team called “Breezango”, most of which was “Breezango”. Throughout his career, various injuries kept Fandango (real name Curtis Hussey) out.

Tony Ness

freed: June 25

Nese is a staunch supporter of WWE’s heavyweight division and was released on June 25th with some others. The former heavyweight champion is known for his statuesque physique. When he was released, he had been wrestling on “205 Live”.

Aria Devari

freed: June 25

Davari is another member of the WWE heavyweight division. Since the show was broadcast, he has been another main force of “205 Live” and has left a deep impression in the earlier heavyweight classic championships. .

The brother of former WWE manager and wrestler Shawn Daivari, the younger of the two has a career from 2016 to 2022.


freed: June 25

The popular combination of Chase Parker and Matt Martel has terminated its contract on June 25. After a long independent career, the team spent two years under the NXT brand.

Braun Stuman

freed: June 2

“Monsters among Men” is one of the next wave of works released by WWE on June 2, and is the surprising headline on the list. As a member of the Wyatt family, Stroman has developed into one of the top roles of “RAW” in recent years, and was eventually unknown before WWE unexpectedly released him on June 2.

Aleister Black

freed: June 2

After his release on June 2nd, Black was again named after his original name Tommy End (Tommy End), and as part of cost-cutting measures, he lost his job at WWE.

After the success of WWE’s NXT brand, Black never found a firm foothold on the company’s main brand, and until recently took time away from TV. Black is expected to get a big boost, but he was eventually pushed to unemployment.

Buddy Murphy

freed: June 2

Murphy started his WWE career with Wesley Black and Alexa Bliss in the NXT sub-brand, and eventually took the time to leave, and then re-emerged as the company’s “Best Confidential” on 205Live. After he was drafted into the master list, he lost his name (like most people), used only “Murphy” and acted with Seth Rollins in an evil stable.


freed: June 2

As the wife of AEW star Miró (called Russeff at the time), Lana spent some time in WWE as a “charming Russian”, Russeff was the lover at the time before turning into a career. Although Lana never reached her limit as a genius, she was loved by fans. In 2020, Lana spent a lot of time getting one table after another in a way that should have made her a superstar, but she was eventually eliminated by the company.

Ruby Riot

freed: June 2

Ruby Riott-originally Ruby Riot, the previous major roster genius decided for some reason to add a T to her last name-as part of the company’s June 2 release.

Prior to his long career as an Indy Star, Riot landed at NXT and rose rapidly, although he did not win a gold medal in the promotion. In 2017, she made her WWE debut as Riott Squad alongside other NXT wrestlers Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. Logan will eventually unwind her deal, leaving Riott and Morgan behind until Riott is released in June.

Santana Garrett

freed: June 2

Garrett is a long-term independent wrestler who eventually appeared in WWE as an enhanced talent in 2013. Garrett worked primarily as an enhancement talent throughout her career at WWE.


freed: March 21

According to reports, Andrade (previously known as Andrade “Cien” Almas in WWE) requested his release in March and was approved on March 21. Luchador was an NXT champion, but had little success on the main list, winning the American championship once.

Before the arrival of NXT, Andrade, known as “La Sombra” in NJPW and CMLL, is likely to succeed in another wrestling company soon.

Lars Sullivan

Report release: February 2022

Sullivan was booked as a potential all-around heel before he missed the game due to injury in 2019. Some controversy followed: Sullivan’s mystic and racist comments on Internet forums surfaced, and his appearance in the first few years of his wrestling career It started in an adult movie.

Talk to the fighter Earlier this year, Sullivan revealed that he was battling anxiety and the company handled his release gracefully.

He was quietly released in February, and he didn’t even get the “future endeavour” treatment on WWE.com.

Steve Cutler

release: February 4

Cutler, a third of the Forgotten Sons, was released after the stables were disbanded because of the controversial tweets by Jaxon Lake surrounding the fate of former President Donald Trump and the Black Fate Movement.

Some reports indicate that Vince McMahon’s “Angry” at Cutler (Real name Steve McLean) appeared at the New Year’s Eve party while the company continued to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samoa Joe

release: April 15

Samoa Joe, a former NXT champion and all-around badass, was released on April 15 during the company’s annual mass release. There are some problems with the reason why Joe was released, because as a wrestler and broadcaster, he has a lot of value.

Peyton Royce

release: April 15

On April 15, half of the members of WWE’s “Iiconics” Royce was fired. With Billie Kay, Royce’s career flourished in NXT before he was drafted into the main roster. This proved to be fruitless, and the company later chose to split the duo.

Billie Kay

release: April 15

On April 15th, Kay, an Australian who was half of the WWE “Iiconics”, was fired. Kay and Peyton Royce left their mark on WWE’s NXT sub-brand before being drafted into the main list. “Femme Fatale” had bad luck, and the company decided to end the duo shortly after the call-up.

Mickey James

release: April 15

James is a veteran in the womenswear department, and his relationship with the company has been intermittent for more than a decade. She eventually returned to WWE in 2016 and appeared occasionally in the past year until her release.

Chelsea Green

release: April 15

Green never appeared on the main list, but won a three-year contract renewal with WWE in November 2020. Injuries left her absent and eventually led to her release.

She is married to former WWE star Matt Cardona (formerly Zach Ryder).

Tucker Knight

release: April 15

Knight was previously in a doubles combination with Otis Dozovic, but broke up with his partner shortly after debuting on the main lineup. After the unfortunate dissolution of Heavy Machinery, Knight struggled in a single role, which eventually led to his release.


release: April 15

Callisto is one-third of the Lucha House Party, separated from his stable partner in the 2020 WWE Draft. Although he was a former American and lightweight champion, Calisto’s eight-year WWE career ended shortly after WrestleMania 37.


release: April 15

Dallas, Bray Wyatt’s brother, has never established a foothold in WWE, trying to find a gimmick that works for him. During the collaboration with The Miz and Curtis Axel, Dallas has been absent from WWE TV for more than a year.

Unfortunately, Dallas was fired on April 15, 2022, ending a career that had lasted more than ten years in the WWE brand.

Wesley Black

release: April 15

Blake is part of the controversial Forgotten Sons stable, which made its debut at NXT before moving to the main brand. His stable partner Steve Cutler was released in February. Only Jaxon Ryker, who came under fire for controversial tweets, is still employed by the company.

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