If you are active in the crypto market, you may have already seen the XYO symbol of the XYO crypto. XYO crypto is a blockchain project in the crypto market that is concerned with building a decentralized network. XYO’s decentralized network focuses on identity verification.

With the help of identity verification, XYO wants to try to increase the reliability of cryptocurrencies so that consumers and companies have more confidence in crypto systems. By improving trust, crypto technology will become more integrated into everyday life and business worldwide.

In this article we are going to talk about XYO. We will discuss the use case of XYO and the way in which XYO wants to use identity verification to increase trust in crypto technology. In addition, in this article we also discuss the XYO price forecast, the XYO price and we discuss the latest XYO news. What will the XYO price do?

What is XYO?

XYO crypto is a digital blockchain with its own native currency that can be used to trade on the crypto market. The symbol under which the coin is traded is the same as the crypto project’s name: XYO. The XYO coin is an ERC-20 token and is therefore available on various exchange platforms such as Bitvavo.

As mentioned earlier, XYO focuses on identity verification in the crypto market. The XYO blockchain tries to do this by collecting anonymous information. If you look at the structure of the XYO blockchain, it has four important functions: the Sentinel, the Bridge, the Archivist and the Diviner. All four functions can be used in the verification process.

By improving verification on the crypto market, XYO wants to improve the reliability of the crypto technique. In addition, in this way they make the crypto market more attractive for consumers and companies, so that hopefully the number of investors and investors in crypto will grow in the future.

What does the XYO price do?

A few years ago, namely in 2018, XYO held an initial coin offering. During this event, the coin raised $12,000,000 to further develop the project. This money was raised by early selling the XYO coin to investors for a price of 0.00001029178 ETH. The current XYO rate is $ 0.007584.

If we look back in the history of the XYO price, we see that the first data comes from May 25, 2018. After the currency was listed on the stock exchange, the price has remained relatively stable for a long time. Only from 2021 has the price really started to develop and the price of XYO has shown considerable volatility that traders can benefit from.

The current all time high of the XYO value is at $ 0.081391. This value has reached the XYO price on November 6, 2021. It follows then that it is now 287 days since the price of the XYO currency has reached its all-time high. With a market cap of $ 95,803,993 XYO currently ranks 268 in the ranking of crypto projects based on market cap.

As a trader or investor, it is important to keep an eye on the price of XYO because you can profit from it. In addition, the development of the price provides information about the success of the crypto project. You can keep an eye on the price with the XYO price chart below.

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What is the XYO forecast for 2022 – 2027?

Because trust and reliability is a barrier for many potential traders and investors who are hesitant about entering the crypto market, the XYO project could become very popular in the coming years. After all, this project aims to remove this barrier for potential traders and investors.

If we look at the XYO forecast for 2022, it is difficult to predict in the short term how the XYO value will develop. This is because there are many factors that influence the price of XYO in the short term and because the price also shows volatility.

However, if we look at the XYO price forecast for 2027, we can say a little more. If the project can meet the XYO crypto expectations of the potential traders and investors, then the project could become very popular in the next five years. This will benefit the price of the XYO coin. In addition, this outlook makes XYO an interesting investment for the next five years.

However, it is impossible to predict exactly how XYO’s price will develop. Nevertheless, we can say that a significant price increase is not uncommon in the share price. At the end of October/beginning of November 2021, the price increased by no less than 171% in a few weeks!

Because it is impossible to make an XYO price prediction for the coming years, it is important not to believe every XYO forecast or XYO forecast on the internet. After all, no one can predict the future. It is therefore important to always do your own research into the price of XYO on the basis of, for example, the historical price data below.

Historical Price for XYO Network

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What is the use of the XYO coin?

The XYO coin has several applications in the crypto market. Of course you can trade with the coin. Unlike other crypto coins, you cannot pay with the XYO coin. The XYO coin already serves as a protocol token and can be used to verify your identity on the crypto market.

If you want to start trading the XYO currency, it is important to keep an eye on the scarcity of the currency. You can do this by comparing the current stock of 12,625,124,968 XYO with the max stock of 13,931,217,473 XYO. The scarcity of the currency affects the price.

In addition, it is wise as a trader or investor to stay informed of the development of the price of the XYO coin. You can do this by looking at the price difference over time. For example, the price difference of the exchange rate of the XYO currency in the past 24 hours was equal to -6.19%. In the past few days the price difference was -13.03%.

Huidige supply 12,625,124,968 XYO Maximale supply 13,931,217,473 XYO
% difference 24h -6.19% % difference 7D -13.03%

Where to buy XYO?

The XYO cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token and therefore available at various online exchanges. A reliable exchange used by many traders worldwide is Bitvavo. At Bitvavo you can easily buy XYO with fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitvavo is already used by many traders worldwide. This is because this online exchange platform is very reliable and also has a wide range. The platform is also easy to use and therefore suitable for both experienced and novice traders. Do you want to start trading XYO? Create a free account on Bitvavo below!

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The latest XYO news

In this article, many factors have already been discussed that may influence the price of the XYO coin, such as the XYO forecast, the use case and specific properties of this cryptocurrency. Finally, the latest XYO news is also important.

By keeping an eye on today’s XYO news, you are always the first to know about developments and you can respond adequately to changes in the price of XYO. The official Twitter account is a good source of information and the latest news about XYO.