Gerrit Cole found himself in a difficult situation against the Red Sox on Sunday-of course, this is a metaphor.

The Yankees’ starters had a bad start against rival Boston, handing a 379-foot home run to Enrique Hernandez in the first game of the game. The next batsman he faced, Alex Verdugo, doubled. The third place in the lineup, JD Martinez, is gone. After two batsmen, Rafael Devers hit a three-point home run to make the Yankees 4-0.

Although Cole’s start did have many shortcomings, it certainly didn’t help when the referee was authorized to check him for sticky substances based on Major League Baseball’s press authorization:

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After that, Kerr’s situation did not improve: he gave up another home run to Martinez at the bottom of the third quarter, which was part of a round, after his team was 6-0 behind ( Including a sacrifice fly). He also gave up another shot in the fifth game. For those who count, this is five innings, eight hits and five wins shot that day.

Once again, Major League Baseball’s insistence on inspecting illegal and pitcher-friendly substances put Cole in another awkward position after the fourth inning:

However, apart from loyal Yankees fans, Cole won’t get much sympathy. When asked if he used Spider Tack to help increase spin speed when pitching, the 9-year MLB veteran and three-time All-Star made some surprising comments in early June:

“I don’t… I don’t know… Honestly, I don’t know how to answer this question,” Cole told reporters in a video conference on June 8. “From old players to young players, from the previous generation to this generation, there are some customs and practices. I think there must be some things that are out of date in this regard.

“This is very important to many people who love the game, including the players in this room, including fans, including the team, so if Major League Baseball wants to legislate more things, this is a conversation we can have. Because in the end we should all work in the same direction in this regard.”


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