Aaron Judge
Photo: Getty Images

MLB players continue to show their butts and it looks like their teams are getting fed up.New York City Mayor Eric Adams reiterate that there will be no exceptions This is especially a problem for the Yankees and Mets amid New York City’s restrictions on private employees, as those players are not allowed to play home games until a vaccine or rule change (and read what happened in koreaeven if the rules change, they may change back because we can’t escape that”create For the “idiots” time loop. Or we’ll all die, or both). This is especially tricky for the Yankees, as those players aren’t allowed to travel to Canada to play against the Jays either. Not like the Jays and Yanks would be Compete for the same position or anything.

We haven’t seen teams release players’ names before, only acknowledging whether they met the 85% threshold for lifting restrictions last year. The Yankees didn’t get there last year, but it looks like Aaron Judge is such a dork.

When asked about the matter, the judge came up As usual Tried to divert from being a total idiot and basically gave up the game.

“I’m still focused on finishing my first game of spring training,” said Judge, who will become a free agent at the end of the season. “When the time comes, we’ll cross that bridge. A lot of things can change. I’m not too worried about that right now.”

Of course, no one asked him why putting his teammates at a competitive disadvantage or at risk health-wise was no more important than he thought he was sticking to any of the principles he saw on YouTube last week, but step-by-step toward the elevator.

As we said yesterday, with ghost runners in overtime, it’s hard to see why any league would choose to follow in hockey’s footsteps. But in this case, MLB is actually behind the NHL, which is pretty much the last place you want to be.