Zach Wilson used to make sure he would watch Aaron Rodgers every Sunday when he grew up.

Rogers was watching Wilson when the Jets rookie quarterback tore the Packers defense in his second NFL preseason game on Saturday. Wilson completed 9 of 11 passes for 128 yards and two touchdowns, helping his team take a halftime lead at Rambo Stadium before the end of the afternoon.

It’s not just numbers; it’s also the way he makes plays. He demonstrated the maneuverability of escaping from the pocket when he rushed out, while also showing an accurate arm.

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Wilson showed hope in his debut against the Giants in the first week of the preseason, but the numbers were not that gorgeous. He completed 6 of 9 passes for 63 yards.

The second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft filled the points more fully in his second week. He only scored three points in his first two shots, scored a field goal and a flat boat, but his third and fourth offenses both delivered 18-yard touchdown passes to the close end Tyler Kroft. ) Finish.

The performance attracted the attention of Rogers. He told the Packers’ TV broadcast (NFL network broadcast) that he felt that he met Wilson through some offseason conversations. The two also gave speeches in a joint team exercise this week.

“He is a very good kid. I really like his character, his mentality. He can throw it out,” Rogers said. “His pitch is very good, he broke the pocket, broke the containment, moved to the right and threw it to the right sideline. This is what he needs to do.

“As we saw in training this week, they have a lot of young people in the frontcourt, and the offensive line still needs to be united. I said,’Man, you have to do your footwork and make sure you are dealing with that ball. “Because as a rookie there will definitely be growing pains, especially for the team that struggled last year. But I am excited for him.”

Rogers is not the only one who praised Wilson, others also weighed the performance of the former Brigham Young University quarterback.


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