British Zapp scooter The company said on Wednesday that it plans to start selling its new i300 electric two-wheeler in Europe this fall and the United States early next year. Electric motorcycle part Becoming more and more crowded.

Tony Posawatz, an investor and consultant of Zapp, said that the four-year-old Zapp was founded by Thai entrepreneur Swin Chatsuwan, a former investment banker living in the UK, and he will use a build-to-order The business model is introduced to the market. General Motors.

The release version of the i300 made in Thailand is priced at US$8,995, and the standard model is priced at US$7,495.

The battery-powered Vespa Elettrica, a major competitor made in Italy, starts at $7,449. Vespa is owned by Piaggio & C SpA.

“This is not your father’s Vespa,” Posawatz said, who was General Motorsof Chevrolet Volt Hybrids Electronic car Plan and advise startup companies from Lucid Group Inc to Inrix.

In contrast to the popular and decades-old Vespa in the movie “Roman Holiday” starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in 1953, Zapp i300 adopts post-modern design and has replaceable lithium ion Battery and other functions. Battery box. It provides 20 peak horsepower, accelerates to 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) in 2.35 seconds, provides 720 watt-hours per battery pack, and has a maximum cruising range of 60 kilometers (37 miles) in ecological mode.

The newcomers face fierce competition from more than two dozen companies, many of which are located in China India is the two largest two-wheeler markets in the world. Well-known competitors include Taiwan’s Gogoro and China’s Niu Technologies.

Zapp hopes that its retail model—ordering your car online, specifying its functions, and delivering it to your doorstep—will help it stand out in the competitive jungle.

The company also plans to use authorized distributors in certain markets and may sell directly to corporate customers.

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